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An Icy, Mystical, And Magical Night / Unh Unh......Not On My Starship.....

After such an icy icy.....day.......

.....it is ***THUMPING*** in here *tonight* =^_^=!!!

I am kicking back, and listening to teh tunes I listened / trained / lifted weights to during the "high school" and "track team" days =^_^=!

This surround sound system in my bejeweled bed chamber doth kick it homie :D!

I just got back in today.

What a trippy day. I noted a 'hug' (!?!) from an 'interested' and 'deeply' 'smitten' 'hottie' 'class' blond mortal.......and business owner..that claimed I was (!?!?!) a good role model, the best (!!???!!) role model (what the????)..., for said business owner's newlywed son.

And that after I demonstrated my abilities IRL *again*.

I guess the upgraded version of Wings Of Love activated somehow.... .

I am not claiming to have had an actual empathic love meal hug.......from a mortal... .

But...wow......it is like my energy is currently pulsing the entire ***planet***...in waves right now.

*Feels waves of gold, pink, and white....energy streams pulsing around me*.

*Feels an impenetrable barrier of hope and zeal around me*.

K. I am gonna drop the starship related report I intended to write earlier, and then go soaring into the heavens with my starlike form for a while.


So.....earlier, a quite stunning event took place.

After spending the night....planning for a visit / tour of the divine ark starship that just flew past this planet, I woke to perceive myself groggily standing......to some type of (???) area that seemed like a mix between a black expanse....and a receiving area.

I detected at two strong powers....at the vicinity, one of a (??) subanime brunette at my left, and one of....(*cringes and winces*).....(*shakes my head*).....a subanime one that seemed to be a 'disgraceful' 'mortal' 'actress' 'named' A*nas*phia R*bb. I planned to avoid the entities, but I soon found myself seated (??) aboard some sort of high tech transport....... . Yea, and (urgh) I noted the entities seated at seats directly beside me.

I *cheered* as the sleek craft....burst through some cloud cover, and then *SHOT* into the depths of space....with ***INCREDIBLE*** speed. A sensation of dense mana overtook the vessel.., and the gravity went all trippy.

Was the transport headed to the ark....???? Were visuals of the ark about to take place???

I hope I was not greedy, but *unh* *unh*........ .

I was ***NOT*** going to share the vessel......, nor any *sight* of it.....with some 'mortal', 'mortals', that 'didn't' lift a finger to try and make this world a better place. I was not going to share the fruit of my labor...and suffering........with some lazy Caucasian(s) afflicted with the 'standard'....bloated and warped 'sense' 'of' 'entitlement'.... .

Firing up my telepathic senses, I briefly dove at the 'mind' of the short.......XX chromosome type seated at my immediate right....and was disgusted at the 'trifling' 'and' 'broken' 'thoughts' '/' 'mind' of the blond. The blond that had wrongfully assumed a 'bad' 'airport' 'connection' had taken place..... .

i sensed the vessel approaching bout halfway to the intended destination.

Unh unh.

Using my reality manipulation abilities....I quickly rewrote the whole event....... .

Rather than being aboard the transport like moments before, ll the contents of the vesdel were "relocated" to an aged theatre-like location.

I think I witnessed the blond freak out, freak out and question at where the fun, neat, and futuristic transport ship was / went. I then witnessed the blond look at me in a depressed and 'ego-wounded' 'manner'......., and I just stood with my eyes burning with a fiery defiance...... .

A look that said "not on my starship".

I'm not sure if I witnessed a 'spy' or what, but only the worthy are welcome on my ship.


Whew. Glad that report is over =^_^=.

*Continues listening to the tunes I used to train to so long ago (*gasps as I feel a kiss*)...*.

Oh. I'm still celibate, and I am dedicated to staying so. I may have to avoid that 'smitten' 'one' witnessed today though.

(*Swoons as yearns for love energy accompanied hugs from Dawnsato and Nihoshi*). Still, I really want to hug the people I care about....... . (*Thinks about Nihoshi and Dawnsato*).

*Feels what feels like shimmering pink / purple energy wings along my back*.

I wanna dance too ^_^ ~~~......... .

Dance in a ballroom manner to tunes like this.......


.... .

*Feels my body alight with prismatic and hyoerdimensional aura colors*.
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