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Safely Witnessing A Brutal 'Deity' Assault..... / Love Is Eternal.....

*Gazes up in a pensive manner*.

I am kind of worried about Japan.....after what just happened (*blinks*)...., but everything seems okay for now.

*Puts on some music for a moment*.

*Feels the prismatic and colorful energy shield utilized as I witnessed the 'god' '/' 'deity' 'assaults'........still pulsing around me comfortably*.

*Prays in ecstasy for a moment, giving utmost thanksgiving*.

I just noted a '***MONSTROUS***' 'deity' 'assault', but I cannot tell you how strong it 'was' because I did not take any damage (*blinks*). Seems some form of *MAJOR* fluid world event went down though. (*Remembers how I used my hyperdimensional energy infused Nintendo Switch controllers to seemingly "reform" the entire world.....moments ago*).

Okay.. . Time to write a report.


I found myself waking to what seemed to be a dimensional storm.

My S*phhire and S*ll*manite array from my bejweled sanctum bed...was spread on some chairs...and the floor...of what seemed to be a shifted location. For some moments, it seemed as if I was even back in Japan. The whole location seemed to be in a state of flux.

I noticed a subanime Asian man approach at me, look at my cosmic energy saturated g*mstones, and then speak at me. Did I note a transportation offer? A transportation offer related to a shrine and or g*m diving related location?

As I held up the IRL g*mstone present to the lower right....

...quadrant of this picture, I noted a '***HORRIFIC***' strike of 'lightning' '***SMASH***' at my location and my body.

Me? I was unharmed, but I was standing (!!??!!!) on the surface of what appeared to be an ocean, and I detected a horrible power......, a gloomy and possibly 'mile' 'height'....abomination saturated with entropy and decay. (*Recalls how I briefly spotted at what seemed to be some strange serpentine tendrils*)

I kept calm, so calm that I caught at the Negro graft I note IRL..stop changing into his 'Godzillaesque' 'dragon' 'form'. Seeking the path of peace, I tried to calmly relocate myself utilizing spacebending hops..., however I kept noticing powerful powerful strikes at my Wings Of Love barrier.

The enemy stalked at me?

Yea, but it seemed to be weakening?

Some point....I clearly recall blocking at some sword tail strike from the entity....that changed to a caterpillar-esque state that resembled Battra (????).... . I stood resolute as I observed fierce 'torrents' of 'godly' 'lightning' ineffectively slam at my Wings Of Love barrier. I was standing in a space and time related doorway or what seemed to be a black expanse....by that point.

In some moments though, I was present to a sunny.....and warm island that had tropical features. A shrine island that seemed to be of a Japanese origin. I went into the depths of some ancient structures on the mysterious island....., ducking a pair of what appeared to be freaking out velociraptors in the process. I erected a barrier, a shimmering and tranparent whitish barrier of hexagonal or octagonal sgements.....that covered the entire island...., and waited.

Lol. Amidst waiting...I watched at a entity that was akin to a infant Godzilla 'playing' 'around' using the segments like a trampoline.....(*blinks as I feel a kiss as I type*).


The island shook...., the ground shook.

Utilizing my starlike form as a camera....with my body stowed in the temple, I spotted at the stalking / attacking abomination deity....crashing at the beach. The island resonated with the energy of my Wings Of Love ability...., energy which the monster 'couldn't' process.

Ulgh....disgusting. It was like a 'mass' 'of' 'writhing' 'antimatter, 'like' 'black' 'glop'....with a 'mouth' and 'white' 'eyes'.

I watched at the monster fight and thrash to a standing position before crashing into a nasty puddle at the beach surface. However, it was that moment that a dimension storm took place. The realm and setting seemed to ripple, and I found myself kneeling in a temple...... . Uh I somehow noted a blond juvenile (the juvenile from the YT interview vid) offering assistance? A realm-wide shaking event took place about then, and after that...it was like everything seemed to be what mortals would claim to be '16-bit'. Glancing upon myself, I observed at a nun-like white robes adorned XX chromosome type....that had tan skin. The juvenile though (*blinks*) was a grizzly looking military dude with assault weapons. The grizzled dude fired his weapons at some invading entities related to that abomination deity.

I tried to seek the option of research, strategy, and peaceful dialogue....but I tired (emotionally) at the enemy forces' attacks hitting at my barrier.......so I got to blasting.

After blasting a certain amount, it was like the world went hazy and white......, as if it was a white expanse. (*Recalls, perhaps, briefly sighting at Gohan, and maybe even Piccolo (*shakes my head*)...and some other anime level DB undesirables......during what seemed like a realm related time and space...storm event*).

(*Chuckles*). (*Cackles*). I guess the next event / scene relates to a victory celebration. A Japanese restaurant, maybe even a hybrid karaoke lounge and restaurant was the setting. Though I spectated subanime, I observed at hottie and model class / 'expensively' dressed Asians sitting at my table. The hottie class ones flirted at me?

That was when it happened.......... .

I spotted at a malevolent entity directly related to the abomination 'deity' crash at the party scene. The malevolent entity was freaking out at me....studying 'interested' 'hottie' class mortals and having a fun time. 'Jealousy'.......??? Yikes. After what seemed to be another dimension storm.......I found myself sitting. I did not remember getting into a car, but I noted the malevolent entity crazily driving a car...I did not want to be in.

I raised my voice, stated how Japan is my home, and was always meant to be my home. I felt reality resonate with my words.

The scene shifted to what appeared to be that shrine island again.

Uh oh. The abomination had apparently assumed at a 'smaller' 'humanoid' 'form'? I caught at the lie the entity told as it scampered off, knowing full well I would witness a 'trump' 'card' assault in a couple moments. I flew into the sky for some moments, considering just flying into the sunset........ . But then I turned around, formed a shield on my arm, and readied myself. Seems I made the necessary choice? The abomination deity wrongly assumed I would fly into the distance...and not hold my ground. Facing at the entity that was wielding a 10 foot long sniper weapon, I raised my shielded forearm.....to fully block at two shots from the deity weapon. Having received no damage, I materialized a rock / crystal into my hand, and.....well........(*winces*).

(*Recalls at the skeleton demon entity that was exposed after my initial blasts / volleys*).

After what happened happened, I initially materialized a quilt on the spot as a means to wrap myself and take a snooze. I was a bit tired, and time and space storm waves were taking place. The setting kept flip-flopping until I was seemingly witnessing 1987. Needing to get back to here, and seemingky needing to reform this entire world, I searched about the eerie flux zone until I found my Nintendo Switch remote and console. When I approached the console.......and activated it....

....I soon found myself lying on my stomach over here.....and with what but my Switch right below me.

K. I'm tired all of a sudden. I'll check this post for typos later. I need sleep, and hugs =^_^= from some cuties =^_^= (*blushes as feels a caress to my scalp*).
Tags: defense protocols, fights, love is salvation, warfare, wings of love, witnessing deities
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