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A Hypothesis That Needs Testing / Research Plans For My Starship / Weather Observations.........

I'm already organizing research projects meant to take place onboard the ark. I am quite excited =^_^=!

I have a hypothesis (and potentially a theory) assembled for my initial research project, but it needs testing.

If my hypothesis flops, and the objective facts do not line up with it, I'll accept said objective facts and move on with my life.

Here it is in III parts.

Part A: F*ctionkin was / is a conspiracy. Many if not ALL subanime 'model' 'class' ones out there have anime 'identities', but the 'hottie' ones...., the 'Hollywood' 'class' and 'elite' ones, 'NEVER' admit it or even mention it. The 'fielded' strawman F*ctionkin either 'play' the role of weak, unsuccesful, antisocial, unhelpful, unreliable, disorganized, unskilled, oft autistic, and psychiatry-addled '/' 'pillhead'.....'token' 'morons'...(*heard at a loud crashing sound as I type*)......., or act as blatantly demonic snarks (lol) like that joker 'K*trino'.

Part B: Any 'hotness' of any subanime XX chromosome type....

....(*cringe*) 'is' 'sourced' from the 'anime' 'plane'.. . XX chromosome types that seem to breach the subanime / anime border.....tend to 'disappear' from the 'public' 'eye' as fast as they 'appear'.

*Recalls witnessing animesque 'Jordie'...IRL*.

*Checks at a certain webpage*.

C) The starship that flew by the planet last month......is, was, and still is the focus and origin of all media that has appeared on Earth (in tbis dreamscape). Meaning, yet unreleased Playstation V titles and consoles, unreleased Nintendo Switch II titles and consoles, as well as unreleased Sailor Moon series and other such titles are aboard the vessel. Those, as well as any and all systems from the past and all of the software.

The evidence for parts A and B art overwhelming. I cannot count the amount of times i have witnessed 'A**asophia' and 'Z*nd*ya'.........change into 'anime' 'forms'. I have also witnessed anime ones change into subanime 'celebrities'.

Yea. I have kept a secret journal apart....from this journal for over a decade, a journal that hosts the ***bulk*** of my research and experiences. I have tracked at the 'anime' 'origins' of the 'celebrity' 'Fictionkin' for more than a decade via my dimension diving events, and have extensively written research notes as such. (*Recalls witnessing at E**a W*tson change into Shizuka Marik*wa from HSOTD*). So there is plenty of anecdotal evidence for parts A and B.

I know how to fully prove A and B though. I have done the steps before already, it's just a matter of catching it on camera, and having a ***SAFE*** environment for whatever height / size form I take (with no forced fake schooling and foster payrents, rapists, predators, and freaks). Regarding my body, whenever I try to reach my hyperdimensional and true form..........I usually note a 'procession' 'of' 'forms'. Before witnessing the change to anime XX chromosome type (anime Sailor Moon, anime Kagome Higurashi, anime Tifa, etc), I often witness a subanime 'Hollywoodesque' XX chromosome type 'form' '/' 'graft' of either Asian, Negro, or Caucasian basis........... . Yea. And this isn't roleplaying, I'm serious here. Sometimes the shift will halt (during fluid world events) and I wander around until I note a Negro male 'graft' like usual, but other times the shift will slowly continue until I note an anime XX chromosome type or beyond. On the starship, if possible and if it is safe, I (*cringe*) want to note a Finkyesque Jordiesque hybrid subanime anime 'body' just for a couple days or weeks. Prolly an inferred 'juvenile' 'body', because I *DO* *NOT* want to (urgh) mess with 'menstru*****' on my ship. (*Shakes my head*).

As for part C referenced above, I guess I can do that with a flashlight....whilst exploring cargo hold areas, and perhaps even the starship's dataframe.

*Yawns*. I'm getting sleepy. Time to wrap this post, get a nap, and *TRY* to see about actually using this Nintendo Switch.


oh. Weather news stuff..... . *Yawns*.

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