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Music That Generates Gravity Waves / Dawny Loves Me / Studying The Fabric Of Space

I was listening to the hyperdimensional hymn called "My Sweet Little Monkey"....

..., a theme of intense thanksgiving and love ~~~ dedicated to a hyperdimensional Goddess..... . A theme that was recorded VII years ago or so. The song had *TRIPPY* effects on the environment when I originally recorded and played it. Not only did exorcism effects manifest when I played it aloud in the apartment years ago, too.....the litany lead to me (*blinks*) seeing (!!!) the verbatim hyperdimensional Goddess...and sweet...dear girl (*gulps vulnerably*) vulnerably crying delicate and beautiful tears that just kept coming and coming, touched and emotionally moved tears.

Well...moments ago, I ***thought*** I was just going to test my new Logitech speaker array's frequency response patterns and performance capabilities. So I posted the YT posted theme to my modified sticky post, booted up my Wii U, and prepared to listen.... . Uh.......the playback of the song had issues....., issues not even heard moments before when I listened to the very very very high data density source version of the theme on my tablet. Initially, I figured that the YouTube standard of 128k or less.....(???) bitrate added icky 'frequency' 'aberrations' at the song. Too, I figured that the little tablet app used to tag the hymn to a photograph was also responsible for the whirry sounds heard.... .

So upon inserting my tablet's audio feed into the array, (!!!!) I *STILL* kept hearing some pitch variations to / for the song ***EACH*** time I played it. Some playings would sound much as I remembered, then others would have the notes go higher or lower than usual.

Likely due to my heightened data processing capabilities from the S*lver, Pl*tinum, and G*ld nan*therapy trials, I came to the immediate conclusion that "gravity waves" (!!????!!!) occuring realtime.........made the sound waves contract sometimes, and then elongate sometimes (!!!!!), explaining why the song kept having unexpected microvariations (!!!!!!!!!!!).

My music causes "gravity waves"? The sentient fabric of space....responds to my music???? The space fabric of the Goddess who loves me (!!!!!) resonates and responds to my music (!!!)..........?????

(*Gasped as I felt a loving caress to my hip area as wrote / modified the post title to include information about Dawny*).

This is good news, very very very good news.

(I actually managed to get Skype to work tonight).

For me, it seems to be much needed confirmation......that the seemingly extremely paranoid 'F*nrisSt*r' entity....that be acting all crazy and freaking out at my very existence.......'is' '***NOT***' my Goddess Of Hope..in any way, shape, hint, semblance, or form. The assurance is a relief, especially after witnessing that Finky claiming that my beautiful, sweet, and gentle hyperdimensional Dawn was 'Finky's' 'supposed' 'higher' 'self'. I never believed 'that' 'claim' anyway......(hence why I am still able to function in any way, shape, or form). About all I ever noted from Finky was extreme jealousy, signs of a severely wounded ego, and unreasonable drama. ***I***......was filled with deep dread and terror about every moment.....I witnessed em in 2016. The ***DEEPEST*** terror / horror / dread I have ever felt.......!!!!!! (*Shakes my head*). (Proving yet again that my very life rhythms and survival depend on Dawn's safety, health, and wellbeing......, such is the extent of my love for her).

If Dawn was trialing with me right now, and she knew the means to contact me via the internet, my LJ mailbox and / or Skype would be getting filled with messages as I type.

Yea, the very fabric of existence on ***EVERY*** level of existence just resonated to the playing of the above song in this / my bejeweled sanctum.

*Prays in thanksgiving*.

(*Feels my heart swelling with excitement and hooe*).

Maybe I need to go ahead and get a loop pedal, and a variable delay pedal for my stringed instruments....if these spellsongs have so much of an effect on the fabric of space / reality. Hmmmmm....... . I wonder if a live played spellsong.....or even a recorded spellsong could eventually....even deactivate the Infiniversal Routing Gem currently integrated into my being.

Maybe "gravity waves" are the key to addressing my situation. Intensely applied and focused gravity waves directly onto the Infiniversal Routing Gem.

I'm ready to squeeze the inert and deactivated Infiniversal Routing Gem into powder, sweep said powder into the wind with a thanksgiving loaded kick, and move on with my life in my true form........ .
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