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Parm Parm Partytime =^_^= ~~!!! / Peaceful Days In Teh Crib / Lol..About Witnessing 'Lilac' 'Flee'..

Even though I cook ***EVERYDAY***......., seems as if I am struggling to put any sort of mark upon this small mountain of food in my freezer.

Not even touching the emergency dried food bucket in the basement, I have about a II month supply of food in my house.... .

*Went to the door upon hearing truck sounds and a honk*.

*Nods as notes the Amazon Prime algae shipment*.

*Swoons as thinks about yummy and spiritually satisfying chlorophyll effects* =^_^=.

Doing what I can to eat my revolving stock of victuals, me made teh parm =^_^=!!!!!

Yea, I used that.....whole milk mozzarella..... .

Then I put some shredded cheese over the whole milk mozzarella cheese (to help seal in that yumtastic white melt moisture), and had me olive oil and herbs coated pasta on the standby.

Then I ate...mwahahahahahaha =^_^=!!!!

It was a party in my mouth. (*Prays in thanksgiving*). (*Feels a happy blush sensation on my cheeks*). (*Perceives a pair of white eyes...laden with the emotion of curiosity...floating into view as I type*). Yea, I had church up in here...with that food.....(*shakes my head*).

Unh hunh, I heard chords......as I ate, pedal steel sounding chords.....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSaosNeXpWQ ...... .

I give thanks for the chance to live like this, and eat like this. Yea, and I plan to live the same exact way, and in the exact same spirit on my starship. Yea, it be love in this house (*nods*). And that is the way I want it to stay.

No pesky and boring drama, no problems........, only sanctuary, good times, and peace.


I have been chilling in the house during these last couple mega icy days. Since the soil, and even the river surface across the street art frozen, I have been lounging inside and kicking back.

Last night whilst using the Wii U, I (!!!) unexpectedly found at whole 'Star' 'Trek' 'series' 'installments' (*grins*) to Amazon Prime. I checked at ST Voyager (episode title "Repulsion" or "Revulsion") and just laughed and laughed (*cackles*). (*Cringes as recalls at that gross and inept beta....Kim dude*). I had so much fun, because whilst watching at the episode, I did a "what would I have done".......kinda thing. Yea. I kept facepalming at the 'mistakes'........ . (*Feels a caress to my scalp*). I kept facepalming at the 'betas'!

(*Notices flashbacks to times whereby I have observed at Aoi Sakurada.......as watches and listens at the clip*).

I made watching at the episode like an exercise in protocol, and speed judgment. Vital exercise to prepare me for the future.

For example, if on my starship in the future......I were to note a "distress call", I will not answer it. And if I were to witness a distress call from a 'craft'......which had some 'crying'....and freaking....out..token 'hot' 'chicks' ('in' 'bikinis') onboard......, and that amidst witnessing the 'craft' plunging at my ship's black hole field......, I would *NOT* lower my defense fields and make my ship and myself 'prey' to some evil and hateful pirates '/' slave traders.

Just like I currently run my house, I would run my ship.

(*Feels excitement over the chance to be a captain =^_^=!!!!*).

(*Feels ready for the flyship ship to return in it's black hole activation state / appearance*).

Tonight / this evening....I think I will watch at ST DS9.


I was *laughing* earlier today. I was dimension diving, or going through the usual type of fluid world event..... . Some dude who wore glasses...., and seemed partially anime...., was walking at the area immediately in front of me and talking?

Was he a 'deity'?

The dark haired man seemed 'strangely' 'sociable' 'and' 'smart'.

The setting appeared to be a grocery store............ .

Amidst listening at him talk, I noticed some sort of strange 'grid' appear in front of the guy's hand. Various anime faces were on the grid? As I stared at the grid, I noted the guy 'cheerfully' and maybe even mischievously...call out..the name of 'Lilac'......... .


I laughed (*cackles*) (*feels a tear of laughter going down my right cheek*) as I suddenly witnessed anime 'Lilac'....just seemingly pop up out of nowhere. My laughter intensified as what happened next took place. As if the clock struck midnight in a Cinderella movie, the short and 'slim' 'Lilac' started turning subanime (!!!!!) bit by bit, and getting bulkier and more top-heavy ....by the second. 'Lilac' started freaking out. The deityesque dude tried to ask the changing 'Lilac' a question, but the irrational and paranoid acting 'Lilac' said some nonsensical excuse about "having to go buy some eyeglasses"......or such for immediately leaving / hightailing it outta there like a madman...... . Wanting to track at what fully subanime 'celebrity' the Lilac entity would perhaps change into..., or even what dowdwy common Caucasian the entity would perhaps change into, I deployed my starlike form.p for tracking purposes. I tracked at the outright springting.....entity for some moments. Yea, but then I witnessed a strange crowd of subanime entities converge upon the subanime Caucasian...'Lilac' changed into........and my view / lock slipped.

Was my post from yesterday read?

Hmmmm. 'Who' was that dude???
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