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Dude And His Family Claiming I Am A 'Deity'......... / Oh No......EXPOSED / The Jig Is Up?

I was invited for dinner IRL today..... .

As the truck moved on from the Walmart parking lot, I suddenly noted a juvenile ask if I was an immortal..... . (*Winces*).

Yea, but then I witnessed the juvenile's father 'correct' him, and claim I was a '*DEITY*' (!!!??????!!!!!). My blood froze a bit, and I went utterly pale..... .

I pointed to a mountain on the horizon, and said "Ooooo~~~ see the mountains over there?" trying to shift the topic, and pointing to what looked like potential snowclouds.

Yea, but then I noted the (*shakes my head*) dude / patriarch of the family and ***HARDCORE*** alpha male....laugh a bit, and claim that I would *really*..know about the mountains because / since I ***GENERATED*** and ***MADE*** them (arrrgh!!!) (*facepalms*).

I just sighed (*inhales and exhales*). What could I say?

I may've been caught doing a fluid world event IRL....amidst drifting to sleep after a dinner recently / some weeks back.

Everything went smooth...following that. Dinner was *YUMMY* =^_^=. Had lots of laughs too......watching at (and laughing at) a flop Batman movie as cartoony juveniles and cartoony Chihuahuas piled at the recliner couch which I laid back on.

The evening went smooth.

Still, I feel really lonely............ .

Ugh...I'm so worried. Did my true form get exposed or something...during the drive back from Atlanta airport in November? Of all my secrets, that is the secret I must keep..... . (*Feels my face go red*).

Yea..... . I'm in shock tonight........... .

Oh my gosh..... .

Ugh. I just want to hide under a rock right now.

Urgh......... .

[For the record, I do not blame the dude, I am not intending to 'claim' 'victimhood', and I ***DO*** ***NOT*** wish him 'harm'].

*Feels my fingernails glowing with the emotion of embarrassment as I clutch my aching forehead*.
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