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Ready To Witness Loki, Odin, And Those Dudes.........

(*Feels a caress to my scalp*).

I have witnessed Odin before, and I also have witnessed Loki.....a couple of times (*recalls that time many years ago when I observed at Loki deploy Valkyrie mode (and beyond subanime) K*trino to gauge at my abilities*).

Yea, but no fighting took place.

My abilities always surge when I witness strong opponents.....(*ponders*).

Thing is, I am a defender....... . I do not go looking for fights.

Still, it is time for action?

Yea. I don't have any time for any 'supposed' 'Ragnarok'. (*Stretches my neck*).

No, not with the arrival / return flyby of the starship due in the future.

*Thinks about noting that odd throne room......of Odin's again*.

Hmmmmmmm. By the way, why have I not spectated a direct 'Fenrir' attack yet? I'm not even talking about XX chromosome type Finky's wrassling (*shakes my head*)...., for some might state that was a mixture between 'nervous' 'flirting'....and briefly unleashed....pent up 'sexual' 'frustration'..... . (Oh....that rascal Finky....). (*Recalls at Finky's racing pulse, sped up breathing, and shaky touch*). (*Chuckles about these trippy times*).

Yea, I have yet to spectate at an angry attack from a Godzilla size or larger...'canine'.

Even the latest 'space' 'dragon' observation events....have only lead to me witnessing an anime 'deity' 'level' 'Dawn'....that 'only' 'wanted' to 'cuddle'........... .

Yea. These are eerie times........ .
Tags: defense protocols, research
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