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Reaching Within............ / Preparing To Disassemble The World (Part II)

It seems my experience ~~ in that celestial environment (!!!!)........., and my meeting ~~ with that Goddess (!!!) (whom I again, give thanks to), HAD *IMMEDIATE* *RESULTS* (!!!!) ( http://jagyggdrasil.livejournal.com/19656.html ). Apparently, that mana blast is *ON* *THE* *MOVE* *AGAIN* (*smiles happily*). (As I write, I note 'the' 'hag' I reported at, in the above linked post, '*HACKING*' '*VIOLENTLY*'. Actually, I note 'they' 'are' 'at' the seat/area......which is to my *immediate* *right* (!!!!!!)). (Takes note of the BOFIII theme, " 'That' 'Old' 'House' ", heard mentally ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qvhCRVIxcM )). Yea ^_^......, a Japan area *BIG* quake (and mini tsunami)...., as well as a batch of *HUGE* solar flares......, took place (!!!) ^_^. My experiences/online posts, were the reasons why............. . I want that blast to *BURROW* *DEEP*, before it *EXPANDS*........ . Wow....... . It really *is* a new age for me (!!!), and I even *SAID* these types of events, were on the way.........(during a recent post (!!!).....( http://jagyggdrasil.livejournal.com/19385.html )). When I experience awakening events, *THINGS* *HAPPEN*. (Yea, literally moments after my reporting the celestial chamber event, *THE* *ENVIRONMENT* *RESPONDED* (!!!!)). Gosh ~~ how I love life ^_^ ~~~. (*Gasps as I perceive a glowing pair of eyes*). (*Blushes and chin dips, as I remember the kisses (*blushes and chin dips again*).......I perceived ~~ earlier today.......(*goes red*)*). I give my thanks, to the divine beings, who make ~~ reality possible..... . *Exhales in ecstasy (*takes note of my right eye, felt glowing*)*. (I too ~~, give thanks (!!!) (*gasps*) (*blushingly chin dips*) (*feels fluttering sensations within my stomach*) (*feels my fingernails, glowing in a blushful manner*).......to the being, whom I perceived *kissing* (*blushingly chin dips again*).....me ~~ earlier today (*blushes*)). (*GASPS, as I hear the words "you're welcome" ~~~, spoken*). (!!!!....(*gasps*)). (Recalls my posting, of my desire to have a girlfriend....(*gawks in a blushful manner*)). (*Plays the Pop'n TwinBee theme "Sky Avenue" ^_^ ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aORoaqjOl4s )*).

"X2-FLARE BLASTS EARTH'S IONOSPHERE: Electromagnetic radiation from today's X2-class solar flare had a significant effect on Earth's upper atmosphere. As a wave of ionization swept across the dayside of the planet, the normal propagation of shortwave radio signals was scrambled."

"GLOBAL ERUPTION ON OCT 25TH: Solar activity is high and intensifying. New sunspot AR1882, which rotated over the sun's eastern limb earlier today, promptly unleashed an X1-class solar flare, adding to a series of lesser flares already underway from sunspots AR1875 and AR1877. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a bright flash of extreme UV radiation from the X1 flare, which peaked at 08:01 UT on Oct. 25th"


"INTERCONNECTED SOLAR ACTIVITY: The X1-flare of Oct. 25th was remarkable not only for its strength, but also for its interconnectedness. The flare was bracketed by two erupting magnetic filaments, each located hundreds of thousands of kilometers from the instigating sunspot AR1882. The whole episoide, shown in this SDO movie, was reminiscent of the famous global eruption of August 2010"


"After emitting its first significant solar flares since June 2013 earlier in the week, the sun continued to produce mid-level and significant solar flares on Oct. 27 and Oct. 28, 2013."

(I advise caution ('NASA' ----> 'Never' A Straight Answer). 'NASA' 'is' 'about' 'covering' 'up' 'at' the facts '/' 'normalcy' 'bias' ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normalcy_bias )).


"TOKYO -- TOKYO (AP) — An earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck early Saturday off Japan's east coast, the U.S. Geological Survey said, triggering small tsunamis"


"7.3 magnitude earthquake off Japan prompts Fukushima plant evacuation

Published time: October 25, 2013 17:27
Edited time: October 27, 2013 22:14

Japan earthquake epicenter located 295 miles east/northeast of Tokyo and 231 miles east of Japan's Honshu Island (Image from earthquake.usgs.gov)

An earthquake of 7.3 magnitude has hit 231 miles (371 kilometers) east of Japan’s Honshu Island with tremors felt in Tokyo. The quake prompted an evacuation at the devastated Fukushima Daiichi plant and sent tsunami fears across 5 prefectures."

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