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Mission Time....... / Tis That Time Again

Yikes. I just noted 'demigod' 'contact' aimed at me amidst either a dimension dive or fluid world event.

Yea, the ('obvious') anime subanime hybrid.......that is the 'secretly' 'the' 'Pinkie' 'Pie' 'F*ctionkin'...sat at the area beside me..... . The green dress clad entity inched closer.....and then combed and caressed that 'demigod' 'hair' suggestively........ . Upon witnessing the entity rise, and then....uh....do suggestive posturing at my direction, I locked down the whole scene with my abilities and found myself back to this realm / my bejeweled sanctum bedroom.

Yea, then and when I picked up my tablet........I observed messages at my Facebook......(*grimaces*)...... .

Meet up suggesting messages....... .

While I usually welcome the chance to study at anime subanime hybrids, this time is different. Matters are ***LOCAL*** this time. I must keep my guard up..... .

Yea. I am not opening up my house and it's contents, nor even making it's location known..... .

And just like before, I'll always refuse at 'sexual' 'relations'.

*Formulates a plan before going to FB Messenger*.
Tags: defense protocols, studying
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