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A ***REAL*** 'Fictionkin' Witnessing Event........In A Couple Days

I woke up to note a message at my FB some moments ago.

Looks like I will witness the subanime anime hybrid 'Pinkie' 'Pie' IRL.......in a couple days or so. I chose to note a neutral location (*blinks and gazes left as feels a feminine caress (!) to my..backside O_O.....*).....and ***NOT*** this sanctuary house. (*Perceives a pair of glowing white eyes in my field of vision*).

(*Suddenly feels the need to assure Dawn, the need to assuringly pet her soft hair and give her an assuring hug*).

(*Glances around the room IRL*).

Why am I doing this? Because the initial time I spotted at the entity during my IRL studies back in 2015, I ***LITERALLY*** witnessed...'Pinkie' 'Pie'......, 'pink' 'hair' 'and' 'all'! (The entity was even wearing some really short shorts that had a 'balloons' 'mark' on them). (Only days later did I observe the entity having 'brown' 'hair').

I apparently manipulated time and space on that day...., and in a lasting way. Yea, a fluid world event with permanent and lasting effects took place.



Wow. When I call it...I call it.

This time it ain't no 'strawman' 'Fictionkin' 'nonsense'.....to those ridiculous 'forums'.

Ain't a 300lb 'basement' 'dweller' this time....... .

Me? My hopes are ***NOT*** even fired up / stoked about witnessing the entity (*feels a caress to my fingers*)....in a couple days. You see, by the time I witness subanime inflicted upon the animesque / toon level 'Pinkie' 'Pie', it is like witnessing 'cruel' 'erasure' of any of 'Pinkie's' 'positive' 'personality' 'traits' (and 'physical' 'traits') (and 'spiritual' 'traits') (and 'mental' 'traits').

It'll be okay. I'm not going to betray my pledge, just going to study a bit.

I just want to study at the anime to subanime 'de-evolution' 'process'.....a little more.

I'll just be really careful (*recalls at how the entity used to have a crush at me*)........., and only do research to public places........ .
Tags: data analysis, field research, fluid world event results, proof, reality manipulation, research and analysis, studying
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