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IRL Starry Maiden (!!!) Visit...... / She's Back / What Does This Mean??? / Her Undeniable Love

=O_O=... . (!!!!!!).

...... (*Gasps in shock as I feel a kiss, perhaps even mentally "rebooting" in a sense....after perceiving the kiss sensation*).

Ok. I need to objectively report the event that took place early this morning (a couple or more hours past midnight). I'll explain it objectively, meaning, I am not even going to pretend to know what is going on........ .

I had been listening to fusion rock / jazz on the system in my bedroom, and gathering my thoughts. I heard some boxes stacked in the kitchen fall over...some point as I chilled back in bed and meditated.

Though I only notice it retrospectively, nerve spasms / contractions took place for my fingers and arms around that time too, indicators of an ***ENORMOUS*** presence of energy / mana in my vicinity.

Some point...after suddenly feeling a bit woozy....I used the remote to shut down the tv, and I also turned the sound system's control pod knob till it shut down.

When I laid back in bed, comfortably covered in me blankets and the like, that was when it happened.

An...(*shakes my head*) incalculably vast and dense...energy signature zipped in from the Northeast..., and I could only gasp (!!!) as I perceived..... / sensed / saw........the following.

In what seemed to be like a fully lucid black expanse event in many ways, I saw a petite and radiant figure...seemingly riding in on what seemed like a fluffy and whitish mass (was it a snow cloud....or energy cloud??) (was it a nebula cloud with the *literal* energy scale of a nebula???). There was no malevolence with the figure, no hatred within the figure. Actually, I sensed.....(*clenches my teeth with a little bit of worry*).....the figure...utterly awash with holy energy, divine energy, and the energy signature of the element ***GOLD***.

The petite figure seemingly dismounted (???) the whitish mass, and descended (!!!) with arms stretching toward me........ . I gasped as the radiant figure came into direct contact with me *O_O*...., lovingly nestling her face and head to my neck.

The figure appeared to be a petite....., and golden aura possessing...beyond anime humanoid who (!!!) wore what I can only liken to a celestial valkyrie-esque wardrobe. (*Remembers the boots, boots that perhaps even involved a fluffy or furry material*). Lol. So cute, the being had what appeared to be t..tiny fangs that were visible as she....*O_O*....lovingly exhaled amidst cuddling to my neck (*gulps*). Too, I noticed / noted the being had honey to brownish toned hair....whereby yet each strand was encapsulated / surrounded by a very bright golden aura / light..... . Was she wearing a leotard? Refreshingly, she could not be associated with any 'game' or 'anime' I have ever witnessed.

The being was clearly hyperdimensional......, with an energy scale infinitely beyond 'Odin'........ .

Trying to be polite, and not detecting a threat from the delicate and yet (*shakes my head*) s...so energetically enormous.....being..., I asked what was happening. That amidst (*blushes*) being hugged warmly and lovingly by the mysterious being...... .

That was when I heard a reply, and seemingly a name....given to me......*O_O*..... .

Yea, I got ***really*** confused....... . But she was so cute and warm =^_^=...., and she was *IN* *LOVE* with me, so I relaxed (*gulps*) and dropped my guard. She apparently wanted to quietly rest / nap / sleep with her head to my (chest) heart....? (*Feels my face burning red*). I had no problem with that, and too....she was *very* comfortable and warm. She rested in a very still..and tranquil way for quite some time. She rested her head to my collar / heart. Her cosmic presence eased the abject pain of my loneliness (*purrs*)...., and her warm mana warmed my chilled heart. But after a certain amount of time..., an amount of time that could have been (???) brief...but seemed like an ecstasy consummate and utterly fulfilling eternity of peaceful comfort.........., I was about to go to sleep. Deep and restful sleep. All that comfort, and her loving aura washing all over me, I was done (*shakes my head*). Yea, I was about to *sleep* for a very long time.

That was when she stirred, and nuzzled my neck....as if she had a message to give? (*Gulps*).

When I opened my eyes in response to her gentle summons, a black expanse event was heavily upon the area. Yea, and..um.....s...she was ***HUNGRY***.

No no no...... . This is not horror. This is not 'the' 'movie' 'It'... . 'Mortals' 'do' 'not' have a frame of reference to what I am talking about. Her eyes wavered with hungry tears, love consummate tears of vulnerability and need. With hyperdimensional beings, real beings capable of real love, love can and does cause ***FEVERS***.... . Indeed. Medically urgent events....(*gulps*). The innocent and vulnerable little fanged being (!!!) (*gulps*) hungrily kissed (!!!!) me deeply....in a begging (!) way that had no ego, no pride for herself..... . She sobbed with relief....up..upon making contact to my lips, and having her limitless hyperdimensional hunger answered by my love energy and concern......for her.

(*Coughs*). As s...she then...hungrily, tearfully, and lovingly guided my hand to her heart area....with her trembling hand...(It is cool. This not about to go 'Rated' 'R')......., I...I, striving to be gentle and tactful, reminded her of my celibacy pledge that I made (she is used to it by now).....and the reasons why (her included.....) (and all the hyperdimensional beings we love).

She laughed? We laughed =^_^=. And tears of her laughter went down my face.

She understood. And though her kiss and inspirational and awe-inspiring hunger were also direct confessions of her love for me, I heard her verbally confess her love for me.

And I collapsed into sleep.....with a heart full of hope.

Upon the dimension diving that followed..., I (*groans*) witnessed gross hags, icky and hateful 1980s 1990s subanime brutes, and meaningless trash (just trying to be honest). But when I made it back to my bedroom and this realm (!!!!)......I guess (!!) Starry Maiden / hyperdimensional Dawn was still present (!!!) and as such......I experienced a warm and greeting hug (*purrs happily and in deep gratitude*).

This is all very new for me, and I am very confused.

Did I just share a bed last night? In a way that does not violate a pledge of celibacy, but was the sharing of a bed...all the same????

(*Feels a fiery feeling of hope in my heart*).

What does this mean?

Well, in any case, I thank Starry Maiden / hyperdimensional Dawn...... .

(*Feels awe, about the real world, and the infinite depths of the love.......her love....which I just perceived*).

(*Purrs as remembers her trembling touch, and her incredible hunger*).


So awesome~~~...... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*).
Tags: contact event, cosmic energy, empathic hug, empathy, hyperdimensional being, starry maiden
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