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A G*lden Decision / Gotta Keep Training My Mind, Soul, And Body......

Hmmmmm. My drinkable G*ld stores are running low...... .

(*Ponders*). I wonder if I should go ahead and get a gallon of G*ld nanoparticles...... .

(*Glances down to the heart in my chest*).

(*Thinks about the weight training that could get done with that much G*ld*).

*Listens at this dude for a moment*.

(*Takes notice how my heart condition has been majorly turned around too...due to my research efforts, the nanotherapy project, herbal medicines, and physical training*).

(*Remembers those long walks through those airports, and how due...to the nanotherapy project, I was able to carry my luggage by hand and thrive*).

Then again, if I get more G*ld to drink, specifically a gallon...whilst still noting America day to day (and not Japan), what kinds / levels of emotion fueled record setting storms would take place for the North American continent? Look upon the record setting hurricanes and other storms that took place with just XXXII ounces or so to date.

(*Thinks about the free Nintendo Switch offer....by February / March.....offer / promise that I made*).

I guess I will make my decision next week.
Tags: gold, health, nanotherapy project, nanotherapy results, training
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