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A Vessel To Contain My Energy........ / The True Gravity Of The Situation

Ice. Water. Wind. Earth. Fire. Lightning.








*Notices the ***still*** frozen river across the street

Though I have not complained about it......the water systems / mineral water springs about my mountain sanctuary, along with the very surface of the river......across the street..., hath been frozen for more than a week. I've used water buckets of icy water as a means for sanitation and hygiene, and bottled water for cooking / washing the dishes.

When I look around my yard and house, about all I see is the effects of storm after storm after storm...... . Trees are leaning.... . Limbs are dropping..... . How much more can the environment take?

*Notes the energy related spasms present to my wrist / hand / fingers, attesting ***FAR*** ***FAR*** ***FAR*** **********FAR********** more elemental energy needing to be released*.

Me? I get it now... .

About my only option for a "normal lifestyle" in this realm......in the future times..........is aboard that ship. That is it, that is all, and the environment is already telling the tale........ .


The black hole feature on that ship is not a tool of 'revenge', nor 'hatred', nor 'anger'..... . It is meant to regulate my abilities, and give me the chance to live a normal life.

I understand it now.... . I understand why I keep witnessing 'this' 'Negro' grafted at my existence.

I understand....why I am not flying around and soaring through the sky...this very moment...... .

I understand....why I have to hold back my true and full abilities, and witness a 'male' 'grafted' at my existence.


The ***REAL*** storm, is INSIDE me...... .

Mortals would not understand what I mean.......(*cackles in a.......manner conducive to shock*). Hmmm? I am not laughing at mortals, unh unh, I am relieved to have discovered a certain secret....... .

A secret of mana... .

no title


*Glances downward momentarily......in a pensive manner*.

*Winces as feels my body pulsing with energy..., and then winced again as heard the house creak with the pressure of my energy*.

*Feels a fiery glow...coursing through my body*.

(Yea a secret, secrets, you will ***NEVER*** note any mortals....give any frame of reference to...in any way, shape, or form).

The main and ***REAL*** storm (and the source of all the relatively microscopic storm instances / manifestations observed last year) is inside me, and it has been *held* *back* for decades.....whilst growing larger, larger, more dense, and even larger.

Yea. I understand now....why, as I witnessed 1991 / 1990......., I was in a state of utter panic amidst throwing up and convulsing...; that, and continually and hysterically stating I was about to throw up a planetary mass scale of water....and / or a *literal* planetary mass. (Yea. That was *NOT* a 'case' 'of' 'influenza' as the deceitful 'Christian' 'payrents' 'claimed'........).

I get it....... .

*Thinks about my matter generation abilities*.

To balance a galactic scale mass of energy inside of me, I'll need a balancing apparatus of the right size...(and as such an adjustable size).


I get it now. If a quantity of my true energy were to be released now......., the planet would be squished, and then after my energy "solidifies"...I would be gurgling and screaming........to the center of a mass of water....the size of Jupiter or larger..... . Then I would be encased in fire the next instant, and then I would be encased in a planetary size mass of ice the next instant....... . And then a planetary scale mass of rock, and so on............. .

*Groan...as feels that "ache" again...... .

*Wipes my tired brow*.

Oh. I need to explain / report an event that just happened......before I go.


Before waking up back to here.....

.......I found myself standing on what appeared to be a futuristic lift. I seemed to note a heavy white suit and helmet.....on...or 'at' (hyperdimensional wording there <-----) my body..... . Looking to my right side, I noted a suited figure........standing.

I had a spasm, and coughed or such, and bolts of energy shot from my body......... . I noted the suit blast open..., revealing my skin / face....(for that moment...I witnessed a generic subanime Caucasian male grafted at me)........, and upon staggering and flailing around to maintain my balance, a reddish orange bolt / blast shot from the fingers of my right hand (*winces*)..... . The suit of the figure standing at my right....got blasted open (!?!), and (!!????!!!) I witnessed a fully anime Piccolo standing there (!!!??!!?!!!!).....and looking at me.....(*blinks*).

I raised my hands in an apologetic way, and pointed my hands skyward in case anymore sudden blasts took place.

Why did I witness Piccolo?????


*Nods*. Now ~~~~~~ I know what my hand / finger spasms taking plce here over the lt few days hath meant / indicated / heralded....... .

K. Time to chill (no pun intended). I give thanks to all those ho have supported me in my quest. In any case....I know what is going on, have learned the secret to my mana, and (thus) don't have to hate myself for who I truly am =^_^=. (*Facepalms whimsically as remembers sightings of that cheerful and often hungry blonde*).

*Gazes to thy sky, ready to move on from my undercover work, and ready to note my true form......and put on a symbolic school uniform as such*.
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