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A Quick Update On The Finger Blast Phenomena...... / A New Ability Has Made It Over Here

Looks like a new ability has arrived for the new year.......... .

*Inhales...and groans in shock*.

The event that I reported to the last post....has, to my shock, already spilled over to here....... .

K. So after last post, I got really upset at an 'oversight' by the fake 'landlord' (an 'oversight' at certain HVAC matters). Me? I felt tired, and upset..... . Just utterly tired at mortals... . I burned inside..... .

In the process, I picked up BlackStar, the acoustic-electric guitar, and prepared to give it a thorough wiping down. I guess that was where I slipped up.......(*gulps*).

Upon turning over the guitar to inspect and wipe down the back........., and that after wiping down the front with a guitar cleaning cloth.....

......., I noted my fingerprints ***SEARED*** into the finish.

I saw a claw-like mark shaped by III fingers.... . A mark just below the neck joint. My seared on fingerprints.....which microfiber cloth wipings, and even a light vinegar and water solution put onto to the cloth....did not wipe away. Further observation showed (*squints*) the finish had seemingly been evaporated away.... . Luckily...., the marks and the phenomena,, for now, only involved relatively...light searing marks.

(*Hears a cracking sound to the window beside me*).

But what happens ***NEXT*** time?

Looks like the same kind of point reached when vehicles were blowing up back in 2016, has either been reached.....or is ***VERY*** ***CLOSE*** to being reached...in regard to this house.

(Yea. I know I need a shunt (a main purpose of the starship that just flew by) for my energy......, a dampening field...... . An enormous dampening field.......that can give my body / physiology.....both the time and the opportunity to develop / recover it's natural energy regulation capacities....... But I have something that I need to say...regarding the here and now).

Me? I have this to say....... .

In a sane world with sane people, I would receive full assistance in loading all of my gear (gemstones and all) into a shipping container..... . Then, that container and I would be safely flown to the peaceful mountains of Japan. In a sane world with sane people, I would be provided all the necessary amenities and quasi-permanent lodging to a peaceful, serene, and Caucasian free mountain resort, a resort near mountain streams and an idyllic lake. Indeed, an environment where I would meditate beside / in a babbling brook for most of the day, and keep my emotions as calm as possible until the arrival of the ship and / or a transport sent from the ship. Yea. I would eat the food I love, and be assisted in living a monastic lifestyle centered around meditation.......; yes, and as a result, all of the trends of record setting weather / environmental events around the planet would stabilize and subside. If such a world and it's mentally sound inhabitants were the case, maybe I could, after boarding the destined vessel, wait until I reach the deeeeeeeeeep depths of intergalactic space *before* activating the black hole dampening field / shield. Yea...... .

*Gazes in a plaintive manner, perhaps even frowning*.

*Just shakes my head*.

..................................... .
Tags: anatomy, fried item report, life lessons, physiology, ready to move, special abilities
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