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An Incredible Mystic Event / A Definitive Contact Event

Woa. Wow even.

Something *definitely* has shifted since last night, and the last post.

Yea, and a definitive contact event (!!) with staggering implications took place. A mystical contact event that lead to some massive......realm-wide cascade event.

(*Reels a moment*).

I am going to need to sleep (actual sleep) for while...before I make a post detailing what I perceived..... . (*Gulps amidst feelings of awe*).

My gosh, I do not know if I have perceived such intense realm basis...energy patterns like that / those....since like ***decades*** ago. Incalculable energy! What happened??????

*Remembers that seeming....realm transfiguring kiss*.

(*Feels woozy for a moment*).

K. I better sleep a while before doing a write up.

[To be continued].


Update: I did not get much sleep after the last post...., but it seems like the water is potentially about to be back online...to the mountain sanctuary. Perhaps as soon as this evening. Yea, I have been intending to plumbing issues (*yawns sleepily*).

I will try to get the report done by this evening... .

In the meanwhile, I found that a big earthquake took place last night as I was writing the last post. Notice the location.

Just speaking the contents of my heart.....aloud about / to Starry Maiden.....literally hath world-shaking consequences O_O. Wow.
Tags: contact event, fluid world event, hyperdimensional lifeforms, mystery, mystical encounters, relationship matters, world events
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