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Wings Of Love Ability Caught On Audio........ / I Want To Feed Her =^_^=.....

[The post about today's event is coming by later tonight, or tomorrow].

I do not know how or why it is so, but whenever I note anyone at the boundaries or interior of my bejeweled sanctum mountain m*ning paradise house, I usually note a 'reaction' of 'giddiness'....., and the 'giving' 'away' 'of' 'free' 'stuff' (lol).

Looks like I have a mountainous meal bounty (literally and figuratively) on the way (!!!). Yea, and I don't even *KNOW* the dude....... .

Yea, this house is filled with love. It can ward at any depression, and ease deep pain. It has a ***charging*** effect. The atmosphere of love, peace, and hope ~~ present here.....transcends 'duality'.


The audio / video gives an example of what I mean.

Oh, the meal talked about in the video, was this (*swoons*) (*cackles with ecstasy =^_^=*).....(!!!) (*coughs a bit, clears throat, and composes myself*). Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ~~~~~........... .

(*Felt a tear of dinnertine ecstasy ~~~ go down the left side of my face*). Yea, though I note 'a' 'Negro' 'male' 'disguise', I am an advocate of the posterior support diet =^_^=! (Yea ~~ gotta prepare and plan for the future =^_~=*). ...And today's dinner of hope energy infused ~~~ Fettuccine Parmesan...., followed by a drink of G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum......reflects that advocacy.

(*Swoons, and groans in relaxation*).

I give thanks for the chance to live like this.

Hmmmmm~~~....(*sighs introspectively*). I wanna feed Starry Maiden someday =^_^= ~~~........ . I want to see her eat well, drink well (*gazes to my G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum stores*), and have that trademark hyperdimensional / phenomenal bounce....and (as such) a gorgeously soft looking behind. (*Remembers her true form*). (*Purrs as recalls just how good she could make clothing look*). (*Purrs as remembers seeing that jiggle, that too, makes life feel worth it =^_^= (indeed, makes life feel wonderful)*). (*Wants to see her clothed backside again*).
Tags: cooking, cooking is a form of art, empathic projection, evidence, food, house of peace, proof, the posterior support diet, wings of love ability
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