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Oops....I Slipped Up / A Sea Of Lightning And Rain....... / Just How Much Energy Do I Contain...?

*Notices the rain...as I type this*.

*Gazes up*.

Before I continue, I slipped up a little bit......in posting that video yesterday.

I have since made it private for certain reasons.

If you want to see some evidence, some proof, how about checking this neon skies prelude recorded before the NA landfall of the record setting h*rricanes of last year.......? Indeed. The thunder accompanied video whereby I stated my intentions....just before the wind / rain / solar storms of last year touched down to the continent.

I ***DELIVERED*** on my promise made in that video.




I am now currently backlogged (!!!) in my vision reports. But since the chest pain of an upcoming / oncoming surge event was present last night, and is ***STILL*** (!!!) present...., I can let it slide this time.

[Before I get into *LAST* *NIGHT'S* AND (*listens to rain come down*) *TODAY'S* event, I need to mention how I can not find any music to pair with today's entry (!!!!). If I had a loop pedal on hand, maybe I could record something right now IRL....., a new and literally planet shaking hyperdimensional hymn meant to convey a solemn theme / message. (Yea. I note mankind hath not any songs / melodies / music to convey the message, the theme, of surging and palpable cosmic energy).]

K. Let's do this.

Before descending into the event, I struggled to rest. My chest had pain? My heart rhythms were going all over the place? And when my lips / face spasmed a little bit with electricity, I *knew* a surge event was due. I struggled to rest until a (!!!) shadowy creature....slowly walked in on (!!) padded paws, and embraced me (!??!!?!). What seemed like a black expanse encroachment / a black expanse evenr....came with the presence of the creature? A creature that seemingly (!?!) (*gasp*) had a star emblem (!?!) on it's forehead / forehead fur. The peaceful creature asked me a gentle question? I responded...., trying to be tactful to the gentle, loving, and somewhat tired / somewhat worried seeming creature. I welcomed the furry creature to rest beside me. The creature then (!!) shifted to the form of a furry tail possessing humanoid...who nuzzled to my neck and rested with me.

I, we, rested peacdfully.

I woke to a location that seemed like the place where I ***USED*** to say, and I was standing on my feet (and yet reeling), and groaning.

I guess (????) I may have also noted a Negro (???) grafted at Starry Maiden....??? Starry Maiden who stood before me?

The rustic and small dwelling atop the g*m mine...*SHOOK* and jostled...as very very bright light, light akin to the light of countless....perpetually sustained lightning bolts. My chest ached......, and my energy field was manifesting on an environmental scale, and I hadn't even *TURNED* *IT* *UP* yet!!! The realm shook, and the environment around the location sounded like a screaming sea..of lightning...that kept rising and rising in pitch (to my ears any way).

I gazed to the figure in front of me? Gazed, and listened as a sound that sounded like a tornado....took place... . Something (???) had the figure.....very shaken and concerned. I suggested going to a location that I perceived...some ways away, and perhaps the location from which Starry Maiden (???) had "ported in" from.

Urgh. Was like I witnessed an enemy 'fort'...... . As soon as I touched down to the location, I heard at some yelling dudish entity..., an entity that went up some steps with another entity as if (???) 'receding' at my presence. I witnessed hateful 'words' accusing 'unwelcome' 'status' at (???) Starry Maiden and I. As I walked forward, I witnessed some demonic beasts, extremely strong demon beasts akin to 'Cerberus'...


....entities, ***ferociously*** striking at the impenetrable field that was around me. I looked on in confusion....., mounted a area wide barrier to shield Starry Maiden from the demons, and defensively waved my energy laden arm......(thus witnessing the demon(s) 'blasting' 'off' into the walls of the enemy fort). Before the scene closed, and before I woke to the sound of rain....over here, I heard at the malevolent dudely entity hollering something about 'not' 'being' 'welcome' 'there'.... .

I....I just do not know. Maybe I witnessed disinformation......., right? I mean.......h..h..I mean....(*shakes my head*). Yea, maybe I just witnessed misinformation..., right? (*Inhales and sighs*). Could Starry Maiden.....really be here and trialing alongside me???

Well, just in case, I will hold getting G*ld, S*lver, and Pl*tinum for a while......, and keep a means in place to note a 'Western' 'Union' 'money' 'transfer'. I mean, maybe I just noted a false vision tonight. Then again, if I saw something of substance..., and as such had I to note Starry Maiden emergency relocated to Ash*ville...(not here, no, but somewhat close-ish)....., that option would be available.
Tags: oncoming surge event, storms, surge event, weather manipulation
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