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A Gritty Contact Event....... / Empathic Scan / Empathic Hug And The Consequences

Ok..., so I either a fluid world event, or a dimension diving event had gone down.

I had been walking, and noting a grimy 'subanime' 'urban' 'zone'? Some point, I witnessed some strange force...., a force labeled as '3mkultra', set in at me? (Lol). The dudes, and some strange force, were intent to scan at my internals / gender related organs and anatomy, as well as my brain patterns?

As I noted the force employ 'scanning' 'machines' at me, I (lol) danced (spelldanced?), did something to the flow of time....and space....., and did backflips..... / acrobatics and the like. The setting seemingly went fluid somewhat....by that point.

After dodging at some weirdness about 'weapon' 'employing' 'pro' 'wrestler' 'thug' (??????), I just set about eating pizza (lol) that seemed to pop up all around me, and trained my defense techniques. Yea. I was acting silly =^_^= (*chuckles*). Some point I think I witnessed some cartoon legs...,digitized at a pizza that popped up near me......, but I wrapped the pizza intona roll and bit it......anyway? =^_^= ~~~....... .

But then things got all serious....(*inhales and sighs, and too notes a wave of nausea and like a "slow vomit" effect briefly come over me*).

Some point I noted a ran down looking subanime house, and a yard (!!!???!!). A yard filled with "weeds"? I wanted to train a new technique of mine......called "the sword kick"...utlizing the reed-like objects, so I got to practicing (*squints*).


I sensed eyes watching me.......though. So guess what? I did a certain dash technique, and (!!!!) then noted a 'buff' Caucasian man grafted at me, and proceeded to observe the observer that had been watching. Uh.....I seemingly had noticed an individual with delicate feelings of attraction.....looking for, and searching for somebody that the individual had just been watching..... . Howver, I noted a 20's-ish 30ish subanime Caucasian XX chromosome type brunette wearing a dress skirt, and a dress jacket...grafted at the identity of the being (!!???!!!).

I was surprised how..., even as I approached slowly, and even as I did demonstrable ki blade (on my right leg).....techniques, the individual did not give any attention to the 'Caucasian' 'guise'. (*Shakes my head*).

So I moved in, and put my hand around the watcher's shoulder (*nods*).......and used WOL.....(Wings Of Love). I was able to read the subject's emotions, and mindstate...., but whole setting seeming went fluid....(*winces*) as a result of what I did. Some cascade event took place.

Yea, but my hug was not fought...., . So I asked the being....."were your feelings hurt".......as the lifeform desperately looked for and searched for.....any sight sight of....well.,...me. Yea, and then I asked if what the being went through...involving the being (me) she searched for.....involved hurting feelings.

The petite individual I hugged...nodded, and began to sob utterly....., and tearfully clutched me / embraced me...amidst sobbing and nodding (*exhales in concern....., and pain*). She wailed...., crying utterly... .

That.....was when I slowly went back to the prior state (noting a Negro male guise)..., and the whole environment shifted...and then went somewhat dark...as if a shadowy glaze....overtook everything.

Starry Maiden?????

The petite form standing beside me and in my arms, suddenly transformed..... . Transformed to a traumatized kid (whom I noted a subanime 'Hawaiianesque' juvenile with 'somewhat' 'dark'....'skin' grafted at)...., a kid who was overcome with incredibly deep pain. A chair formed underneath me, and I / we sat down.... . Starry Maiden......????? Yea, I really did sense hurting feelings....., but it was all ***DIFFERENT***..... . It was not wounded vanity, no, but something infinitely more serious..... .

I held the hug, and gave my concern. While the being clearly had been looking for me, and clearly wanted to be beside me, it was as if the being struggled to speak, or even look me in the eye.......and I found why.

With an aching heart seemingly going nova with raw emotions, the little being (!!!) ***WAILED***, and vulnerably transformed into what (!!!) seemed like a infant (!??!) form......, a crying and nausea overwhelmed infant form. (*Pauses as I hear a theme.....in my heart / thoughts*).

The hyperdimensional infant was in a vulnerable state, flushed utterly red, and seemingly crying and vomiting simultaneously. I did not know what to do, and requested hyperdimensional assistance....as I put the fragile lifeform on the ground and onto the her side. A (???) presence arrived, picked up the infant, and seemingly took her to (???) Nina. A report was given to Nina (???) regarding what happened and my actions, and Nina nodded in solemn agreement (!!!).

With some help around, I noticed empathic link effect stuff whereby ***I*** found myself throwing up into my mouth a bit, (*gulps*) and having to struggle with an upset stomach. I materialized the medicine, or in any case the same kind of medicine....which had been waiting in a cup for me...."here" before the dimension dive or fluid world event took place, and reeled. A television and console system playing Chrono Trigger themes manifested......in front of me, and I understood the gravity of what was happening..... .

When I got back to the bedroom "here", I groggily got up (with vomit rising in my throat), and sent to the kitchen to grab the cup of medicine I had prepared yesterday night / evening.

Looks like here, now, this world, is on the precipice (even with the arrival of the ship)...., the razor thin edge, of a total data level drop (*winces*). (*Remembers the data boost....., the flip side of the proverbial "coin" that took place the other day*). (*Intermittently senses the mind of a very young hyperdimensional girl....as I type*). (*Gasps as I feel a kiss*). (*Feels flutters for my stomach*).

(*Remembers the sensation of her intense guilt, guilt so deep that it had her stomach upset, and her convulsing in shock and pain*).

(*Notices the Midgar...solemn theme...from the Tifa related console selection, heard*).

Yea. I...I would consider it set into stone now. It is true. This much anyway. The future of this realm...all rests on the emotional state....(*shakes my head*), the "feelings", of a vulnerable being.

(*Places my head...down...in shock*).

What do I want? I want to see her happy......... . (*Feels my toenauls glowing*).

I am just going to have to keep hugging her whenever I see her.. .

(*Gasps and recoils as I feel a kiss*).

And that....whether I witness subanime grafted at her or not...... .

(*Thinks how I developed the Wings Of Love ability, and the timing of it*).

And hug her...not just because I am ready to move on from the "existentially anemic" and / or "existentially plaummeting" state of this world....., no, but because I want to ease her pain... . (*Blinks as I feel a kiss again*).

*Understands now, many wilderness creatures / lifeforms in th realm of hyperdimensional existence may communicate primarily through touch...... . Meaning they need touch in order to communicate*.

*Winces as recalls my words on that day, my exact wording on that September / October day*.

*Notices how much I rely upon sound, and words / concepts conveyed by words.....in order to communicate; and how I hardly, if ever...find myself using touch to communicate*.
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