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I Just Can't........... / A Major Life Decision........

I just can't.... . I CAN NOT......clutch to a handful of certain facts that fit my goals, and then '***IGNORE***' and 'filter' 'out' 'at' any repeatedly observable facts that are unexpected and / or mean a ***WHOLE*** lot of work and lifestyle adjustments for me.

I do nor know if the hyperdimensional multiverse is administering a test upon me to assess if I am free from 'hypocrisy' or not, but I just *CANNOT*....do the 'mortal' thing, and 'ignore' at recent events...... .


I just can not clutch to a handful of facts, totally plug up my ears and cover my eyes (*recalls at mortal fake scientists*), and then claim at knowing ***EVERYTHING*** there is to see, hear, study, and know.

........ .

There is no limit to the pain I feel amidst announcing this (*gulp*) (*notes the MM victory theme (!!!) heard as I type*), but as it stsnds, the only way I can accept the solo trial theory as it pertains / pertained to my situation ***NOW***....is ***IF*** AND **AFTER*** I am on a / my starship *by* *myself* for more than a month in this realm (following the disassembly of this planet). Other than that, I ***HAVE*** to accept the dual trial theory, and model my actions and lifestyle according to it.

Not bragging, but I currently have what seems like an ultimate (relative tense) training configuration (*gasp*).....available to me when it comes to the resources *available* in *this* world. A Switch? Got it. S*pphires? Got them. A river loaded with even more S*pphires? Got it in front of the house. G*ld to drink daily? Got it. Posh hotel accompanied Japan trip with designer clothes and rare g*mstones on my person? Had happen just months ago. (*Gulps*). A starship in the solar system? Got it. Not only that, there is the "blue place" event of January XII years ago, whereupon even then I openly spoke about the infiniversal routing process (and had it proven).

Every slip of evidence available to me ***now***.....in any case....points to the dual trial scenario.

A scenario where I am here with hyperdimensional Starry Maiden....(*remembers that hyperdimensional Tea / Anzu event that took place about a decade or so ago*), and whereby I am purposefully keeping myself here to attempt a rescue mission.

*Thought of Starry Maiden's variable hair and eye colors..., specifically too her (Dawn form related) often blue eyes.....amidst gazing to the above visual*.

*Recalled how I noted the subanime demigod (graft?) to / of Skypings in 2016 was like the exact subanime de-evolution of the brown-eyed anime Tea at the left of the above visual*

*Groans as feels an intense bout of cosmic energy pains somewhere under the navel zone*.

This is about the darkest night / era of my recalled...life, save for the unexpected "gender reveal" that took place around the exact time of the Halloween solar flare / cosmic blast and tsunami event era. Maybe it is even darker. (*Feels a caress to my head*). If it isn't darker, it is only because I remember how it went last time... . Last time, I HAD to accept some facts......about gender and myself (*gulps*), but I ***DID*** ***NOT*** want to 'be' an 'XX' 'chromosome' 'type'. Last time, in order to move on with my life....and actually progress, I HAD to accept some facts......about gender and myself (*gulps*), EVEN AS I ***DID*** ***NOT*** want to 'be' an 'XX' 'chromosome' 'type' in any 'way', 'shape', 'or' 'form'. I had to suffer on, in the deepest shame and embarrassment...until the facts, the shape, the capabilities, the thigh gap data, the truth, and the absolute / infinite difference of true females...from voidspawn XX chromosome types....was made known / visible to me. (*Reflexively wipes a unexpected tear from my cheek*). (A tear? Hunh..... .). Yea, just like before, maybe some miracle is in store..... . (*Has an idea of how that miracle will manifest / be presented*).

Tags: dual trial scenario, infiniversal routing tear gem, lessons through pain, life lessons, realtalk
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