Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Accessing The Ancient Flow / The Seer Of Strings.......

Today was so serious, I went ahead and unsealed Big Blue / The Jaggolin, and that after accessing the flow of time and space on my acoustic instrument, and BlackStar the acoustic-electric guitar. I went back to the tactics / secret methods that brought me to the dance......and paved the way for the cosmic blast / tsunami visions and literal events.

I thought of recording the session, but I didn't. It was private, it was serious. Me? I have never been depressed in my life, and I was ***NOT*** going to risk nor welcome any 'depression' 'bul*****' regarding my soulstate / mindstate / bodystate.

I played this?

Played it on each instrument.

Played it remembering what happened a couple nights ago.

I consulted the ancients, and the ancient flow ~~~~ via g.."gravity waves'..., and listened to the oscillations of space for answers, as well as shoring up my future timeline in the process.

A potential future with a beautiful and flawless resonance pattern came through....and was revealed to me. I had a vision.... . I saw a gleaming future......, and it involved that ship that flew by this planet recently.

I will hold revealing the contents until aboard that ship.

I am almost certain about what is going on know, and as such, I will provisionally hold with that rope option I discussed last month (while still having that as a backup plan). (*Thinks about Starry Maiden*). Seems a miracle may be in store, but for me.....only time will tell......? (*Prays for Starry Maiden, and for that glorious and shining timeline ~~ that I saw regarding her*). (*Feels my fingernails glowing as I believe in her, and pray for her soul as such*).


Know what? Looking back to the sparse and low detail navi images of decades ago, and yet gazing to today's latest releases, I have noticed something. I noticed hyperdimensional energy signatures and data codes to the *MELODIES=, the *MUSICAL* *LANGUAGE*, of the releases of the past. Yea, verbatim "maps". Maybe I have another explanation as to why I do not really use my consoles such as the Wii U and Switch....for specific and recent software titles. All I was ever looking for in the past anyway (,recalls Breath Of Fire II, and Breath Of Fire III*) anyway....was pretty girls, pretty girls capable of magic and magical worlds, and enjoying / being influenced by the heard music all the while....... .

After about a XIV year hiatus, I am going to see if I can get back into training music every day for an hour. Yea, today's music exercise...***REALLY*** had an effect on me.


After the last post, I seemingly (!!) woke / stirred to some sort of location that seemed like both a shrine and a school? A beyond anime and petite being with long hair..., a being wearing a school uniform, sat (*feels my cheeks burn*) next to me in a close manner...and nestled to me as if congratulating (!!!) me.

I rested amidst perceiving her presence beside me.

Later though, and before coming back to here (if it was a dimension dive......or before this realm reformed again (if it was a fluid world event), ....I witnessed an assault from some freaked out thuggish entities...., an army of em? I instinctively dodged the first 'sucker' 'punches', and then got upset, pounding my arms to the ground...as a shadowy aura poured from my body......and shadow colored lightning marks appeared on my skin. That was when (!!!??!!?!!) I seemingly c....caught Starry Maiden...observed earlier....(still noted that Hawaiianesque graft too)...skip / dart toward me, and get behind me as if she trusted me, sought my protection, and (!!!) had my back (!!!!!!!) (*feels my toenails glowing in shock*).

That was a welcome development. We are going to need teamwork here.
Tags: dimension manipulation, dual trial scenario, dual trial theory, starry maiden, world events
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