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Wow.....A Fluid World Event Storm......???? / Just What Is This Switch????

I am sitting to my recliner.....

...and soaking in this mountain view.

But earlier today, a ***WILD*** series of events took place here.

A lot of questions got answered, specifically...too....some questions at 'K*trin*' (lol). Yea, and too, some questions regarding *to* Starry Maiden (hyperdimensional wording there) were answered (seems I got to note a XY chromosome type male grafted at Starry Maiden this time (!!!)).

Alright. Time to type...so I do not get backlogged.


Oh. I slipped over mentioning it in the post late last night, but I found the same kind of searing patterns that were present on BlackStar the acoustic-electric guitar.....etched onto my Jaggolin's finish.

Lol... . Sear marks from a seer? Seer marks? Sear marks. (*Just shakes my head*). If so, I'll take it.


Ok, the initial events are some of the most baffling for me (*blinks*). After examining / wiping down the Nintendo Switch (and searching for sear mark), I watched at S**ran K**ura (!!!!) searching for any Starry Maiden hints / semblances.... .

Upon going to bed, I (*cackles*) really was looking so sleep, so I could wake up and cook more olive oil encoated Fettuccine =^_^= ~~~ topped with Parmesan! (*Remembers my midnight of pancakes (with straight maple syrup in teh tiny bottle) and Fettuccini*)........ .

Yea, but what happened was me waking up to a forested setting some point..., and me spectating at K*trino (!?!!?!!) speaking and approaching at me. (*Rubs my brow*).

(*Shakes my head*). I must have noted Ketr*no had a crush at me some point, maybe all along....,because (*facepalms*) I witnessed K 'flirting' at me. Now I will admit, I do note K*trin* is 'entertaining'......., as 'entertaining' as a Ren and Stimpy cartoon. So long as there is no touching, I usually just laugh =^_^= and study / watch. And laugh I did. But this time I noted the short-haired and 'fully' 'animated' '/' 'slightly' 'animesque' 'Ketrino'....in some tricked out looking ruffianesque costume....uh......(*inhales and sighs*), was 'acting' 'sweeter'...., 'more' 'vulnerable'. Yea. 'Brushing' 'past' my shoulder with body contact, and then sitting directly at me path I was walking. After observing at a c.....'chest' related 'shapeshifter' display....., I, with pity felt, pulled forth a little star emblem / key, and gently made a line at K's torso. Startlingly, I witnessed the 'nice' one, the toon one, 'unzip' into halves that (!!??!!) thus exposed the subanime (!!!) K underneath....(and with strange colored light pouring from the mouth and eyes of said subanime K). With even more pity and guilt washing over me, I put the key up, and subsequently witnessed the split halves of the toon / animesque Ketrino 'reform'.....albeit immobilized....and slumped over (with a light formed over the prior split areas).

Not hating K nor holding any grudge, I walked on.........albeit momentarily gazing back with a pensive and pitying look in my eyes.


I soon learned why I did not have time for K, no, not even to laugh and observe at 'dem' 'antics'.

(!!!!!). (*Gulps*). Walking to a location that I felt *lead* to, I heard a friendly greeting? I looked, and noted a subanime Caucasian, and / or possible Caucasian / Asian hybrid dude greeting at me. I.....I somehow sensed a *large* and *colorful* energy level (*gasps in shock (*feels my fingernails glow as I gasp*)*).....that should not even be possible for a 'man'. Starry Maiden? Starry Maiden whom I noted a XY chromosome type dude grafted at?????

I was summoned over / invited over.... .

Walking over, the subject matter of (!!!) a / the Nintedo Switch came up........O_O..., errr....was mentioned to me. Did I see Switch controllers in the individual's hands? Seems so....., in any case, *a* controller for sure.

A Nintendo Switch was on it's stand to a platform before / in front of me, and I observed at (!!!) visuals Pokemon hopping and moving about on the screen, Pokemon hopping about what looked (*cackles =^_^=*) a black expanse.... . I was invited to do something with the inviting individual, something very important? The (!!!! person I sensed was cheerful, hopeful, (*feels flutters in my stomach about the future*) and excited. So I hurriedly (!!!) grabbed down to (!?!!?!) a controller that was on the ground before me, ***BUT*** ALSO pulled up that...***AND*** the L*g*tech speaker pod that is usually in front of my bed (!!!!!!)..... . Why was my stuff / personal possessions there? A fluid world event???? Hunh!!!??!!!?!!? It was a fluid world event then?

I grabbed the single controller, and gasped as the temperature, the air pressure, the environment, and everything else regarding my perception of the surrounding.....shifted. The scene? It was a dark expanse (*winces*)....., and a mysterious round platform with precipitous edges. And I reeled back......in sheer disorientation as I held what seemed like a golden sword in my hand (*winces*). I struggled to breath as....as....as I *guess* I witnessed a (*cringe*) 'blue' 'froggy' 'pokemon' (ulgh)....grafted at my existence..... . A puffy and soft-furred individual tried to touch my shoulder as if to try to ease my shock, but I disorientedly keeled over....and held up the golden and illuminated blade defensively.... .

I scooted back, stood up, but then almost fell from the platform...., only holding on by the edge.

After some frantic moments, things settled down somewhat...., but there was an obvious synchronization issue.........(*gawks*) (*thinks of Starry Maiden*)...... .


Due to my vitals and mindwaves probably dilating and stuff, the black expanse..., and the event that likely about to be a permanent transformation event (regarding this realm)........., slowly collapsed and shut down..... .

I found myself standing (*groans*) to solid and earthy ground, and observing a yucky 1990 / 2000s 'subanime' 'NC' 'setting'..... . Yea, but I also noted the 'neighbors' present at the periphery of my current mountain sanctuary....out and about....(*cringes as recalls how yesterday, IRL and upon waking, I heard at a strange hissing of the Negro graft's '/' 'avatar's' name.......from / by'Gerald'.....*).

Looks like the fluid world event(s) were not over, because what happened next was ***HUGE***.

(*Goes to make some Fettuccine with Parmesan before....touching on that part of the report*)



(Okay. The concluding portion of the report).

This time, I got what I wanted..., and have wanted for so long =^_^= (!!!!) ~~~~ !!!

(*Caught a tear of hope going down my right eye amidst grinnning cheerfully*).

Yea. It was my turn ~~~ (*feels my cheeks blushing very intensely*) (*gasps as I felt a kiss*)..... .

K. So I stood to what seemed like a yard, and was back to observing a Negro graft like usual.

But something was about to go down. I could feel it?

Though I spectated at two Jeh**ah 'remnants' interfering at communications / communication feed / communication exchange from (???) a hyperdimensional presence, I clearly heard and sensed a figure unleashing some very serious words toward my direction. Very very serious words. Words regarding behavior, my behavior? I got confused, not even knowing what I could have done or did.... . The figure was serious (*swoons*), burning with a desire for justice, and charging up a move I had ***NO*** defense against (*feels a glow around my navel level*)!!!!!!

I...I proclaimed how I was just trying to do what was right, and said "I just want to stand atop this world that is mine......, disassemble this planet..., and...".......but just before I could mention the ship, it came.

The figure approached....and released..., with a ***GLORIOUS*** and hauntingly beautiful ~~~ feminine ~~~ singing voice, an ancient empathic spellsong that made me freeze in my tracks..and gasp. (*Wipes some tears of awe from my face*). The song resulted in me witnessing the two Christians disintegrate, and me.......surrounded by a field of soft, warm, and yet firm......radiant and golden hyperdimensional energy. I tried to move, tried to proclaim my case, but I felt ***OVERWHELMED*** with guilt, felt shame, and *CRIED*, ***WAILED***........as (*shakes my head*) I felt a naked vulnerability (*heard a bursting sound in the house as I type*) which no evil force, no evil power, no god, no demon, no foe..***EVER*** made me feel (*shakes my head*). It was like I was a little kid, an infant, and I just wanted an assuring hug(!!!) and / or consoling from the person...(*shakes my head*) who had words to say / sing / give.

That song and that energy....did something to me.

I was done. I had no fight to give, because there was no fight in me. I wouuld have slumped over, and cried till I fainted....but the spellsong had me levitating.... . I think I vomited.....energy....in a continuous fashion. Who was this person, and why did they.....and their words...mean so much to me? I mean, when have I ever sobbed???? Who could make *me* do that???

(*Facepalms*)... . Sniffling like some shaken up little kid, who just wanted it to all be okay, I was caught / held by the hhperdimensional being.....and just rested (!!!) limply and in submission (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*)...as a result.

The fluid world event resumed (!!!!!!!!!), and got back on track somewhat. (!!!!!!).

The black expanse returned, and (!!!!) the being was revealed (!!!!!)......... . I saw a quite tall....young woman who had somewhat tan skin, and brownish hair that (!!) was in a hairstyle that reminded me of exactly of the hairstyle often had by blue-haired hyperdimensional Dawn. The being was beyond anime, and wore a flowing and long white villager dress. Starry Maiden??? (*Blinks as notices cosmic energy related bodily responses (spasms) as I type*).

The horizon went to / transformed to a gorgeous setting with a HUGE....and sky filling full moon on the horizon, and what looked like a body of water preceded by a gently rolling savannah. The tan-skinned being pointed, and cried forth with excitement and exhilaration "Looook ~~~~~ !!! ~~~ There's the blue place ~~~, the source of all life~~!!!!"

I..., limply looked left to try to see what she was pointing to, but then I realized she had just mentioned (!!) THE BLUE PLACE.

[Yes, that infinite scale place of ultimate transduality, that holy sanctuary where no evil has ever tread, nor ever will tread. That place where the whole timeloine / every timeline was and is always free from evil, enteopy, and decay. That ultimate zone of goodness and energy that makes a trialer scream....as said trialer encounters it.....?because it is so startlingly meaningful and so ***FULFILLING*** to perceive].

Then and there.....memories of the event from XII years ago were unleashed, and utterly overwhelmed me, and I sobbed again...hysterically and in shock to hear ***ANY*** lifeform ever mention that holy and ultimate place.....which has shaped every aspect of my lifestyle, beliefs, hopes, dreams, thoughts, soul, heart, mind, emotions, prayers. I sobbed until I fainted, and that amidst also perceiipving what...I swer...felt like a wave of "blue place energy" being emitted nearby.

Me? I do not know if another trialer had momentarily deactivated their Infiniversal Routing Gem (much like I did over a decade ago), but if they did......they will have found out what I did? Yea. About the Infiniversal Routing Tear Gem having to be reunited for it to be deactivated.

Yea. I....I know what that ship is for now.

I think I understand the whole F*nrisSt*r notation that took place over a year ago.

*Remembers the way I was spoken to today*.

*Remembers the trigger for blue place event(s)*.

From what I can tell, the ship.....is what everything depends on next..... . If we can both have blue place events simultaneously, we will win. (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). If we can synchronize emotionally, ***PERCEPTUALLY***, spiritually, and mentally, we will win.

*Prays for Starry Maiden*.

*Prays in thanksgiving for today's event*.
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