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Not Sure If This Is A Good Idea... / Curiousity And This Jaggocat / Studying At A Demi


I am not sure if noting a 'meet' 'up' involving a demigod.....is a good idea.

I am kinda public now IRL........ .

I am not sure if even noting messages from that powerful demi is a good idea......... .

It's a sensitive time.

I was really worried initially about my abilities and containing them. After my abilities were revealed locally though, I flipped the matter with laughter and WOL (Wings Of Love). Yea, and I witnessed invitations to parties and the like.

Maybe I will just uninstall Facebook / Facebook Messenger.

But even if I do, this is all local anyway......... .

......... .

It's just this is such an adventure. Its all better in real life. It's not some pathetic 'forum' 'roleplay'. Stuff bursts on fire IRL. Cars spark and stall. Lightning arks down from the sky as tornados form. Its not 'freaking' 'nerds', 'boring' 'geeks', and 'token' 'rabid' 'fanboys'. It's ***REAL***!!! No gimmicks. No 'thought' 'police' 'liberalism' 'bull****'. Yea. It's better than 'da' 'movies' =^_^=!!!

I do not want 'sex'. I do not want 'attention'. I enjoy the action of field work, field analysis, and field research. It keeps me on my toes, and keeps my senses honed.

But the thing is, I note the demi 'does' 'want' 'to' 'do' 'sex' (and the 'showing' of the 'private' 'parts')...... .

[As if a sign, I observed LJ go down...as I tried to post the post the initial time....

...... .]

*Noted a message*.

*Shakes my head :P*.

See what I mean? One demi has more 'charisma' in a 'pinkie' (no pun intended)....., more 'charisma' and more 'guts' than every pitiful and broken F*ctionkin to those 'lame' 'forums'.....'combined'.


Lol. Here was my response at a 'inneundo' 'loaded' 'text' (I cook fried recipes often) from a normo Caucasian chick.....I study at sometimes.

I am glad I chose to witness a Negro male 'avatar' for this study period =^_^=. The choice gives me a lot of opportunities to research.

By the way, it is not like I am *TRYING* to use 'game'.


Tags: research and analysis, studying
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