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Strategic Assessments....... / I Kinda Wanna Toss My Cookies Right Now K?

I woke to note a message at my tablet? Multiple messages at my tablet?

Yea, I am going to have to probably uninstall Facebook Messenger.

Hunh. Lol. My Skype be like "...................", but my FB Messenger be like bing bing bing bing bing etc. Kinda turns my stomach?

A natty b*dybuilding Negro dude with 'dat' 'certain' 'black' 'racial' 'trait' *O_O*......(*looks down*) (*notices I must have wore swim trunks a size too small when m*ning*)....that be all laughing and talking in small words / sentences.....gets teh bing bing bing bing messages?

Yea, but a researcher with proof of everything from starships to guided cosmic blasts.....notes the "..........*tumbleweeds blow past........" Skype.

*Shakes my head*.

'That' is some ****ed up ****.
Tags: life, life lessons, realtalk
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