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Signal Attenuation / Lock On Empathic Hug / Gotta Be Careful With Depression Warding WOL Abilities..

Hunh. So my transformation / new form is no related to 'combat'?

Interesting...... .

So after the last post / LJ comment, I had an event. It is a straining matter to tell whether events are fluid world events or dimension diving events these days, but alas....during the event...I saw (!!!!) a very intriguing manifestation (!!!) take place.

It is so eerie, because before the event I was thinking about how electronics work, and specifically matters involving analog information signals..and their wave patterns, phase traits, and the like.

(*Finds a quick example https://www.uaudio.com/blog/understanding-audio-phase *).

Before the event, and in bed here, graphs and data overlays filled my mind.......and I stated how te other year.....Starry Maiden and I *found* a way to contacteach other...... . A visual overlay of signal patterns......came over me then, almost as if it was a vision event.

By the time the...dimension diving or fluid world event was upon me, I (!!!) had a screen in front of me / hovering in front of me.......... . I turned what looked like knobs on it..., knobs that, as was attested by my ***MASSIVE*** headache much later, must have been tied in to my perceptual settings / information reception and processing settings. (*Remembers the UHF and VHF knobs on the tv's of yore*).

So....after that took place, and not sure if my adjustments would stick or not, I searched for Starry Maiden. It was like witnessing 'clashing' 'worlds'....as I did??? Whilst searching...I witnessed what seemed like a warped....subanime Walmartesque 'store', but I also saw features of perhaps an anime or even beyond anime shuttle bay / hangar.

I think I found her? Starry Maiden? After searching for a while, and eerily...after using a defensive barrier to block at what seemed like a 'barrage' of 'missiles' from some strange force, I found her walking along somewhere. I....I witnessed a subanime anime hybrid form grafted at her, but something was.....di..different? Yea, and gazing to the right of her, I noted a (*chuckles*) animesque 'blonde' entity..... . I quickly hovered toward Starry Maiden. I hugged to her from behind, and maybe hung over her shoulder whilst in (*cackles*) a miniaturized animal-like form =^_^=.

Activating Wings Of Love, and clasping my hands over her warm sternum area, I nestled close to her neck...and used my spellvoice. She was not uncomfortable with what I did, and her heart filled with excitement. Directing my vital energy into her chest and body, I asked her if she still likes me ~~~. She swooned a bit, exhaled, and and said "yes" whilst nodding... . Her pulse quickened, and her own vitality (!!!) levels / energy levels surged through her body. I then asked her she still likes me...whether or not....she would note mankind 'accuse' 'evil' at my identity and intentions. Inhaling, and surging with warm and vigorous energy, she said 'yes'.

She still liked me, and she wanted more touch communication.

As thanks for her being truthful, and to show my gratitude, I gave her what she wanted....which was a tighter squeeze...and cat-like nestling motion to her neck. She swooned...and hear breathing quickened *O_O*.....=^_^=.

*Notices the ripply cloud pattern over my house as kicks back and enjoys the evening*.

Yea. Starry Maiden still likes me.

She likes, and welcomes my touch.


I noted an extremely 'talented' demigod class mortal during my IRL travels a couple years back.

I mined on private land that I noted an extremely powerful mortal inhabited at?

A somewhat anime styled 'slim' and 'blonde' mortal that has enough ammunition and guns for a 'small' 'army'.

I noted full access though due to the Wings Of Love ability.

Well, now I want to get this house patched up after some stuff got blasted (*winces*) by my abilities....., and as always, Wings Of Love......

.....comes into play / came into play.

I must be very careful....since I note the one I refer at is 'smitten'. Yea, a 'slim' and literal 'sharpshooter' 'type'.....with extreme 'skills'. One that is 'aware' at some of my weather and electricity manipulation abilities.

Yea, maybe it is a good thing I am celibate? That, and I have trained and striven to have no 'ego' (I do not consider myself attractive...whatever form I take). By being celibate, too, I make sure I do not 'take' 'advantage' of anyone........ . Me? I'm not a 'player'.

I just love the people I love, and I love the chance to be alive. That love "leaks" apparently from me, leaks in the form of wings.... . Wings that can ward at 'any' 'depression', wings that cover and quiet intense pains....(*shakes my head*).

I post these FBM pics as yet more proof I am not a 'Fictionkin'. Yea, and proof I am not an incel. Proof I am not a shut-in. I have a very social lifestyle IRL, and that even *with* many of my abilities having been revealed locally. Yea, I do not bottle myself up in the house, and then claim to be lonely. (Unh unh, I do not do 'pity' 'parties'.).

(Me? I am lonely whilst sitting to parties, noting dinner invitations, witnessing 'subanime' 'hotties', and taking roadtrips.

I have striven to be nice, kind, and welcoming. Yea, but there art no changing my differences (at mankind), my origin, and the things I can do).

In these future times, I need to be careful with Wings Of Love. Thing is, how?????
Tags: house maintenance, mystical encounters, starry maiden, wings of love
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