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After A Long While Of Searching Last Night And This Morning..... / Hyperdimensional Posteriors


=^_^=.... .

Wowsers. (*Gulps*).

Ok, let's get into it...eh? I guess?

So I searched for Starry Maiden last night and this morning....amidst either dimension diving, or having a fluid world event.... .

But...I noted enemy forces 'that' 'did' 'not' like that......... .

Some point, amidst a black expanse....like...event, I witnessed bitter 'floating' 'text'...'manifest'......at my vicinity, 'text' citing malicious 'claims' at Starry Maiden. Due to my latest transformation...I was fully prepared...., and refused at the 'libelous' 'words'. My new signal attentuation ability had me prepared.

After a long time of searching.....I found a mysterious building.... . Yea, and as soon as I went into the building, I sat down...and waited, After a while...I heard at enemy forces citing a 'fake' 'fire' 'alarm' 'alert'. But why? What was in that building? What was about to happen Whatever it was, enemy forces 'didn't' want me to see / experience it.

After some time I found myself sitting in a chair to a sort of table. The environment seemed to be shifting. Before me....(!!!) was a very familiar presence. Starry Maiden??? If so, I noted a specific subanime adult Negro XX chromosome type (witnessed occasionally in the past) in fluid clothes (initially a red clingy dress)....grafted at my perception of her. (*Suddenly recalls anime Sakura Haruno witnessing events in the far far past, and how I usually would notice anime Sasuke Uchiha grafted at my existence / POV*).

We conversed? Yea, =^_^=...and the enjoyable topic of Japanese matters came up.

Some point as we talked, hyperdimensional Nina...gently approached. *I*....in any...case...witnessed a 'specific' 'subanime'...'Negro' 'and' 'Asian' 'hybrid' 'XX' 'chromosome type' grafted at......my perception of Nina. (I have no clue as to what Starry Maiden's perceptual settings were during that moment. We *REALLY* need to synchronize our perceptual settings, and ***soon***).

Ummmm......(*feels my cheeks burning*). Nina was trying to show us how to communicate...even with perceptual synchronization issues? (*Gawks*). (*Feels flutters in my stomach*). Yea, by touch? (!!!!). Energy transfer involving touch? (And by the way, thank you for that Nina, thank for everything you did to help us / teach us / show us).

Lol. Eventually.......I seemingly fo...found Starry Maiden (?) doing meditative dance-like motions very close to me.....as / after my hands were...um...I...I guess placed to rest....uh...upon her...her backside? (*Blinks*). (*Wonders what kind of signal and energy wave transfers took place*). Me? I am not offended...., and I was not offended then either. (*Remembers for a second.....seemingly sighting black bodyshorts or such*). Actually, I am very interested....., and very curious....from a research type standpoint as well. (*Remembers the true function, true anatomy, and the true structure of true...and thus wonderfully squishy, warm, bouncy, jiggly, and soft female backside areas*). (*Swoons*). (*Purrs*). (For the record, it is "not just 'fat'"......., nor even 'fat' 'cells' for hyperdimensional beings*). .

(Red dress, black bodyshorts.... . Sakura????).

What do I want? I want for Starry Maiden and I to synchronize our perceptual settings more, make it aboard that starship that flew by a month or so ago.....and / or flip this entire....realm configuration (so in any case so we note 'high' 'anime'), and that so we can too explore touch communication more =°_^=.

(Gotta be direct sometimes). (*Gasps as feels a caress to my backside (!!!) *O_O*...*). (*Felt a loving caress to the top of my head / scalp and laughed as a result* =^_^=).

Yea, my curiousity has been piqued now.......... .
Tags: empathic touch, hyperdimensional posteriors, starry maiden
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