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Might Note An XBox I This Week Or Soon...... / N*notherapy Update / Just Thinking

I am not really interested in 'gaming', but I note a dude (that one claiming deity status at me) wanting me to be a part of online parties and stuff.

Looks like I might note a free XBox I soon (I dunno yet).

Just mentioning it here. Yea. I am not really interested in 'Destiny' '2', 'GTA', nor any of that. My real life is more fun, and has way bigger adventures and ***FAR*** more beautiful (and actual) ladies....=^_^= (*purrs*). I do not know if I even have the available HDMI jacks necessary for the thing (maybe I can get a HDMI splitter), but if I get it.....I will (*raises my hands into the air*)....uh...I dunno.

Does Starry Maiden use an XBox I or something?


My abilities have officially gone wild. I am having to postpone a shipment of nanoparticles due to freezing temperatures. What I am probably....going to do, is get a couple gallons of G*ld in May.

(*Sighs a bit*). I (now) know there were signal reception issues, but it would have been really neat if Starry Maiden could have visited this place....in person IRL. Yea, driven here to visit the area, dropped by my house for dinner and chatting, and also toured all the m*ning opportunities here. I would've even covered any hotel accomodations for her, and treated her casual dining experience to.....a restaurant in the highlands.

I got everything set up, and I made it. I did it. (Getting to this mountain house, and making it a home that I found it comfortable to live in.......). I wonder what Starry Maiden perceived on *her* side...... . (*Thinks about thoughtforms, frequencies, and what happens if thoughtforms of varying frequencies interact (do they pass through each other, whilst still influencing each other to some extent?*).

How many of my actual words reached her?

Well, in any case, now I have an explanation.....for what happened.

Speaking of that, I think all those fluid world events and shifts (which the Mandela term is / was inferred at) are / were a result of our "synchronization issues" being addressed.

We are getting closer and closer to synchronization, and the conditions that facilitate synchronization..... .

Actually, there might be a synchronization storm soon. A storm involving shifting signs, shifting logos, and shifting geographies. Oh. I get it now.

Yea, what happened with us back to Autumn 2016 was just a bump in the road, and an introduction......(however rocky it was). Our friendship did not 'end', we were just (too) made aware of it...... . (*Thinks about the dual trial scenario*).

Wow. Writing really does activate my brain's energies, activate and focus them. (*Gazes down to the base of my waist......*). (*Thinks about the data processing surge evidenced in this post*).

*Had massive amounts of data pulse my brain as I paused a while*.

Woa.... . Just what did touching her backside....*DO*. How did all of this information suddenly get into my head? (*Feels my toenails glowing in shock*).
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