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Night Of Visions / Black Expanse Events......Explained? Part II

W....Whatever happened to me a couple days ago, must have been really big.

Yea, I just witnessed a 'messenger' sent at me...... . I was intrigued because I thought I had administered a concluding blast a 'Gabriel'......some while back. I did a concluding blast at a 'horn' 'weapon' 'wielding' 'Christian' 'entity' some while back.

But now I note 'Wikipedia' saying 'Negroes' 'got' 'it' 'wrong'.....


....(*recalls at those days of pain and suffering as I witnessed those grimy and 'backward' 'churches', and all those 'out' 'of' 'wedlock' 'chillun' 'and' 'literal' 'future' 'thugs'*) (*gags and shivers*).

What did I do? I guess I noted him changed into a 'scruffy' 'anime' 'man' that had 'dark' 'yellow' 'peaked' 'hair' as I blocked at his power. I do not know what my past actions did, but I did not detect Jesus nor 'Jehovah'....this time. The poor G dude seemed like a program, a program talking about a procession of bad events to befall mankind. I may have refused at some 'Golden' 'Book' handed at me. Hunb? (*Heard at a strange voice as I type*). ' "A Golden Book Of Life" '?

Oh no. Will I witness 'hits' if I search that phrase?


Hmmm. Well, whatever the case was, I blocked at 'a' 'Armageddon' process yet again. (*Recalls at the extreme power 'stored' in that 'book'*). Why? Why...even after mankind (*felt my throat tighten a bit*) hath imposed torturous drama at me for decades? Probably because I do not want my guitars, my Nintendo Switch, and my Jaggolin scuffed (*feels a glow of humor....around my waist, and then my heart*) (*suddenly burst forth with a chuckle*). I know it is a sad matter, but my work tools mean more to me than 'subanime' 'mankind' ever did (*winces) (no offense intended).... .

Me? Though Wings Of Love is a state / manifestation of love leaking from me, I have no love for mankind. Though, all the same, I do not hate mankind.


Last night this morning was funny in a lot of ways =^_^=.

Some point, I was skittering away from some 'social' 'setting' as I noted a 'strange' 'redhead' 'animesque' XX chromosome type grafted at me. Maybe I had witnessed a nasty trap, because I ran from the vicinity from some 'buff' 'dude' that used spouse '/' 'partner' akin terms at me.... . My starlike form popped a while as I ran, and it was like I noted a strangely muscular XX chromosome type in strange 'colored' 'tights' and possibly heels....(with 80's 'big' 'hair' too) as I tried to observe myself.

I was running down a corridor.

Must have noted some force did not like what I did? Lol.

A monstrous man lying at a tiny seeming couch..., a couch present in a big room / area ahead, stared at me.....and then rose to his feet.

Abigail....????? Lol.

He advanced threateningly, perhaps even demanding at me to go back?

So used to witnessing combat, I just grinned, raised my fists, and bounced on my heels a bit. As I watched at Abigail approach, a massive wave of energy rocked the area..... . Gazing toward my raised hands and even looking down to my body, I witnessed a shirtless subanime Caucasian man grafted at me. Gazing ahead I witnessed an middle aged subanime dude with odd hair, and pants like those of 90's Chris Jericho.

I cackled amidst dodging at a couple swipes from the guy. Then another wave touched down, and I found myself standing in a (???) w...wrestling set that seemed to be from decades ago. The opponent seemed to be / have been changed into an 'aged' seeming R*ck St*iner.... . Yea, and when I gazed upon myself, I spectated a shriveled up 'aged' seeming 'certain' 'wrestler'..'grafted' 'at' me...... . I caught at the charge of the opponent, The opponent acted 'strange' and 'intoxicated' at my aura infused grip. Maybe using a shield field equipped shoulder carry technique, I looked around and noticed a black expanse approaching the ring. Seems the opponent was done? I did an unloading motion for my shoulders, and noted the dude flop to the mat. Shielding my flesh with energy so there would be no body contact, I, suddenly, being / acting silly like I used to be...decades ago (1980s)..., noted the guy pinned. Did I hear at some stupid 'cheers'? (*Facepalms*). An 'announcer' too even...? Looking down, I spotted at the opponent having changed (??) into Arn And*rs*n.

*Shakes my head*.


Ok. I am going to try to do a black expanse explanation post today, it is just *more* events keep popping up.

By the way, I wonder how Starry Maiden is doing? Is it just me, or has her mood state seemingky gone through a lot of shifts lately?
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