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The Black Expanse Event......Explained? Part III

Gotta do this quickly....before the next round of visions and events.

Black expanse events are not 'aimless'.... .

The initial black expanse event(s) experienced....took place as I noted 2005.

And a event...of the earliest events, even *DID* involve (!!!) communication shared with a mysterious voice....that was heard amidst what sounded like a sea of whirring and crackling energy signals. (Sometime in the past, I think I even recall perceiving a fully intact starship (!!??!!) in the darkness...).

K. The black expanse events, had and have a ***DESTINATION***.... . And each individual black expanse event, as well as each "shifting logo" observed (*recalls at the effects the Mandela label art slapped at*).....is like a point of progress on a railroad track. On the far far left side of the railroad track / progress spectrum was a pair of amnesiac friends.., each apparently occupying the same mindscape and realm , but likely having bodies and manifested worlds....that were on ***VARYING*** *FREQUENCIES*. Manifested worlds that shared....a link, and an influence on that of the other.

Not to spill my secrets, but alas...the other side of the aforementioned progress spectrum......is the pair of friends reunited, able to give each other a fist bump and a pat on the back, and both of them present in a united and synchronized...manifestation based environment.

They could even note a 'quasi-permanent' 'Pokemon' 'world' 'shift'.....afterwards.

Each black expanse event, each "shift" in the environment / environmental data streams (*recalls at the Mandela moniker*) brings their meeting in person, their synchronization, closer.

The meeting and black expanse event in Tokyo XIII years back or so was just a precursor. (*Recalls that being surrounded in that crackling energy*).

Noting F*nrisSt*r amidst online interactions in 2016 was yet another precursor.

The big event, and the big question, is what happens next.

What type of interaction will take place, and when???

Yea, and what ***MAJOR*** environmental events will correspond with what happens next?

(*Recalls the flyby of that ship*).

Maybe the above mentioning of a pair of beings, a pair of manifested worlds, both linked, too is reflected and attested by that Infiniversal Routing Tear gem Illustration from last year.... . The same way we bring our manifested world(s) (???) together, and our minds together, would lead to not only a beyond anime world permanently experienced here, but *ALSO* the deactivation of the hyperdimensional artifact that got us into this situation.

Tags: dual trial scenario, dual trial theory, infiniversal routing tear gem, infiniversal routing tear gem theory, starry maiden
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