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What Was About To Happen........? / That Was Intense....

I woke up coughing, and struggling to breathe...today for reasons I don't know......after a very peculiar event took place. A seeming fluid world (!!??!!) event that contained some startling information just took place.

Yea, I just ***CAUGHT*** myself on the way to visit F*nrisSt*r (!!!). Not only was *that* startling, too / also startling....was the means present to do it. I did not fly West Northwest, no. Not even. (*Realizes what this might mean*). There was some kind of pipeline present..., like a tunnel......which I could manipulate. Yea, and attached to it, there was what seemed to be some sort of "bucket" or "basin"......of perhaps a special...frequency adjusting liquid / substance.

I was getting prepared to dive into the bucket / basin and go into the pipeline, because I could clearly sense...and even catch glimpses of F*nr*sSt*r ahead.

She seemed so near, and yet she seemed so far..... . As if a wall of frequencies.......or such came into play.

But I froze up as.....'visuals' of what seemed like an 'alternate' 'LiveJournal' slammed at my senses.

Was this a boosted (via multiple black expanse events, and multiple contact events / empathic kisses) version of the tunnel used to communicate over a year ago???

Meanwhile, I sensed the beyond subanime light patterns of F*nrisSt*r from the eerie realm pipeline...., and I may have seen visuals of rocky structures and / or some very dry and rocky environment. Something was going on..... . Was she spectating at an 'Abigail' attack like I did yesterday?

I was prepared to try to help, but maybe more black expanse events were / are needed because I woke up here gasping and coughing..as if I had inhaled water.

Hmmmmmmmmm.... .

(*Gulps*). In any case, this lends a *whole* bunch of credence to my theory about black expanse events, and what happened a couple autumn seasons back.


Will the F*nrisSt*r I just perceived on the other side of that pipline...be the huggable and lovable white wolf friend I have been searching for? If so, I need to guard the flames of love that burn on in my heart, and *be* *patient*. (*Groans and writhes...amidsr all of a sudden...feeling an intense bout of cosmic energy pains*).

Yea. Even as I am fully conscious....I want to hug that puffy-haired white-wolfy girl =^_^=. I will not punish myself for loving her, so long as no harm comes of it.
Tags: dual trial scenario, fluid world event results, mindscape, starry maiden, time and space phenomena
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