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An Icy Day And Chilled Thoughts.......... / The Structure Of This Mindscape

It might be realtalk time?

Trigger Warning: This is for my people, this post. I only advise those who have an objective view of reality.....to read it.

In my posts, I try to always make distinctions. Hence why I use the terms subanime, anime, and beyond anime.

Well, it looks like there may be a F*nri*Star who loves me......, an individual who is the person I truly care about and love (*feels a glowing sensation around my stomach*). Indeed. An individual who regularly visits me via some mysterious means.

But what if she has no presence yet in *this* "frequency layer" of this mindscape / mindscape environment?

In real life, even locally....., and even noting 'criminals' during my IRL lifestyle / life about town, I often note much talk at my capacity for prescient seeming hunches that are spot on....way ahead of time.

Now, I am not trying to shoot myself in the foot here, but *is* there a truly different F*nrisS**r altogether? An individual who is attracted to girls? An individual who recently had a blue place event? A girl with a warm and caring heart. A girl with fiery passion and ambition?

Furthermore, is she asking the very same questions about *ME* in some "parallel land" that is yet still linked to this place? Is there a F*nrisS**r asking....if there is a different Jag who is actually attracted to girls (!!!?!!??!!?!!!)......and not even interested in dudes? (*Remembers that view ago...at that 'mirror' 'journal' that featured a dude claiming at my name and webpage......whilst yet referencing 'his' 'beer' 'drinking'......*). Yea, and that amidst her heart hurting very very much. (*Recalls that very serious mysterious talking to that I received a couple days ago during that spellsong event*).

I think I might understand what that Tokyo (!!!) vision / black expanse event was all about.

I remember my posts of yore...citing how I did not believe in the supposed anime creator studios in Japan. While that *still* holds true (though I now note anime is irrelevant regardless), what if *not* everyone on Skype or the internet can be noted in person????

What if you can witness digital ghosts when you are online?

(*Remembers all the times I have accessed the internet with just my mind, even using my starlike form to directly access it on many occasions*).

What if you can observe an internet message from a parallel world, albeit whilst witnessing interference......and even 'tampering' imposed at said message before / as it gets to you?

If a trialer had been here all along on this continent I am on now, there is no way it should have been impossibly difficult for us to meet it person. But if said trialer was on a parallel layer / parallel world / parallel frequency in this mindscape, that would give an explanation for the last III decades of suffering and struggling. I do not know if an IRL meetup could have even happened with F*nri*sS**r back to 2016. And that due to sheer physics. Maybe the same even applies now?

If we have not met in person face to face yet, or only did so briefly due to a black expanse event / black expanse events, then there has got to be a good reason. And I am not buying 'claims' of 'drama' at that reason.

Let's see what happens with the next couple black expanse events.

There is no way I am going to believe some 'possibly' 'fully' 'faked' 'drama' is holding us back...., not when so many worlds and opportunities await. (*Recalls the starship flyby*). Maybe I have unexpectedly stumbled along and discovered at a 'final' 'resort'......and 'final' 'countermeasure' of Jehovah's 'bag' 'of' 'tricks' '/' 'warfare'.

If this theory is true, it may mean only in person, and....handshake accompanied real life encounters can be trusted.... .
Tags: dimension physics, mindscape, starry maiden, thoughtform wavelengths, thoughtforms, time and space phenomena
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