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Meteor Storm Event Precursor? / Saturday Night Wrestling



*Gazes to the above*.

Makes me wonder if the meteor storm visions that I have had for years....will be affirmed soon.

So how has it been lately for me?

A lot has been going on, but it is official now that I am tired at anime and games. I am not impressed with games and anime. Me? I want to get into space ^_^. I wanna be captain =^_^= lol.

I think I am ready for the main wave of environmental events that I have had visions about for years.

There is a natural spring beside my house for fresh water, and I have a basement loaded with emergency supplies and survival tools.

I will keep careful watch regarding meteors in the coming time. Was this neteor just a warning shot, or does it herald a much much larger...storm of meteors?


Looks like it might be time to wrestle =^_^=?

Yea.... . Next meeting event / space and time event..., it's time for some wrestling ^_^!

Yea. Next time....I think I am going to materialize an arena and a wrestling ring, place my head directly into F*nrisSt*r's underarm area, guide the little wolfy's arm around my head (for a snug headlock), and then possibly get taken down to the mat ^_^! But if such happens, if I am taken down to the mat, I will tickle F*nr*sStar, and then go for the pin =^_^=! Yea. Then I'll grab that snout ~~ =^_^= ~~!!! And if *I* get pinned, I will *still* grab that snout, so it's a win win scenario ~~~!!!

Yea... . Lets have a friendly pro wrestling style match :D!

Let's play and be silly lol.

Yea. I am coming to your visions / dreamtime again little puffy puff ~~~ !!!
Tags: fun, visions, world events
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