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I Don't Really Do 'Do-Gooder' 'Stuff'......But....

I don't really do 'do-gooder' 'stuff', but I used my Wings Of Love ability to note a dude's 400$ 'stolen' 'property' 'returned' from 'the' 'black' 'market'.....today.

How does it feel?

*Raises my shoulders and shrugs*. Lol. I guess I don't have a 'virtue-signaling' 'gene' like dem dere 'Caucasians'?

I am not going to preen with big a kool-aid smile, and claim at being good......, or even a good person.

Naw, but I don't like thieves, thievery, and liars.

I had to witness a lotta nastiness, and use my abilities accordingly.

I got the job done though....... . (*Thinks*).

This might be it for me though......when it comes to doing stuff like this in the future.

Yea. I am not 'Batman'. I am not 'Clark' 'Kent'.

I'm a researcher.
Tags: field research, life lessons, special abilities, wings of love, wings of love ability
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