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Wings Of Love Is A Serious Ability..........

I am kinda worried.....as I see this ability in action.

Just now in my bejeweled mountain house, I noted the 'recovered' 'property' 'returned' to the 'owner'.

The dude seemed 'euphoric'.

Then guess what happened? I noted an 'offer' of the 'object' at me. Yea, via a 'legal' 'transaction' to the police station.

Trying to be kind, I tried to say "no" in as gentle of a way as possible.

I have no desire for weapons and power.

I did not want 'his' 'money' either.

The shocked and tearful seeming dude nodded, said something about the 'world' not having many people like me, and then walked out to his truck. I sensed Wings Of Love active in the area....., and I asked myself what I am about to type next.


Is it destiny...that it is me who has this ability? Me who does not want power, sex, money, nor fame?

(*Worries deeply*).

Also it makes me worry. What about the matter of possible future relationships????

I mean, what if I were to find a nice girl someday who I really have feelings for?

How can I tell if she loves me for *ME*...if / since I have this ability????

I am not complaining about this ability, but even noting a XY chromosome type Negro via my current point-of-view IRL, XX chromosome types.....*and* even the toughest and roughest XY chromosome types 'get' 'smitten' 'type' 'feelings' 'at' me.

My gosh. What would happen / have happened if I were to note / have noted....a..Caucasian or Asian XX chromosome type 'avatar' instead......???? Yea. Maybe this ability only belongs in the hands / possession of a nun / practitioner of a monastic lifestyle.... . I mean....my gosh O_O.
Tags: empathic projection, wings of love, wings of love ability
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