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I Am Really Getting The Hang Of This.....

Lol. Some momen5s ago, and just before either getting back to here....*or* having "here" reform, I was on my side / on my back (!!! (*feels a hair caress*)) under what seemed to be a mobile home, house, or building....(that was in a fluid state). A location that was near a road. I noted subanime conditions too.... .

Me? Hehehehahahahaha :P!!! Gazing upon myself, I noted either a Caucasian or Asian XX chromosome type...grafted at my existence, and one that wore a 'suit jacket, 'suit' 'skirt'..

(*had / has to go on Google....since I do not even know the word to use*)....

...., and...uh.....wedge heels (???)..... . I had just made it from some kind of gateway / portal zone of sorts that was located under the dwelling. (*Recalls at the 'cream' to 'tan' 'color'.....'business' 'attire'*). Lol. Hahahahahahahahaha! (*Cackles*).

What was I about to do........^_^? Was I about to try to rise up from whenever, find F*****St*r / my puffy wolfy, caress her soft hair, and then say into her ear ~~ "sweetie ~~~ it's wrestling time ~~~.........." (*cackles*)...??? That before tickling her, and putting my head into her underarm :P?

Funny thing is, I think I actually / even had a briefcase....with me that contained / sealed the set; yea......., the wrestling ring, the arena, everything (*cackles*) =^_^=!!!

What happened then you ask?

I had to use the restroom (*feels my cheeks and nose blushing a bit*).

Was it due to that gateway I took?

If somebody showed up to my place......grinning ear to ear in 'wet' 'clothes' (*cackles*)...., I think I would just about fall over laughing ;D. Yea...., but I did not want to set a bad example at the little wolfy, and just headed back...and found myself here again =^_^=.

I noticed that I am really getting the hang of this whole noting XX chromosome types grafted...at me thing. Sure...I take notice 'the' 'bodies' 'are' 'not' comfortable, but that seems to be the whole point =^_^=! That, and how I respond in return. Me? I respond with a sense a humor (*cackles*)....., well, when noting subanime ones anyway..... .

Yea. I think I am from a world that has a lot of humor in it =^_^=. Humor and silly people who know how to laugh.
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