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Hokkaido? Norway? Should I Travel This Autumn.....?

Where should I go this year......?

Yea. Though the ship flew by.....and am I not sure how long it will take for it to return (in it's activated state), I am not going to allow myself 'to' 'complain'. I am not going to 'b****' and 'complain'.... . I will focus on the positive, and try to make the best of my time here.

I already have a productive mining season (late March to September) planned...., and plenty of bodybuilding / language learning / house maintenance projects in the works....., but what will I do come Autumn?

Should I go to Hokkaido?


Should I go Norway???

Hmmmmmm? Why do either you ask? (*Grins*). I had a very enjoyable time overseas....with Wings Of Love available and all =^_^=.

Thing is, wherever I choose to go this time, I will also note J want to go....(*cackles*). I note J is all powered up, and my herbal medicines and WOL ability warded at his ex alcoholism. (Just as a data refresher, J is the dude that claimed I am a deity).

Norway might be nice...... .

Whichever the destination, I note about the same flight costs.

Why Norway? It is just in case I need to note the subanime or anime Valhalla / Thor / Odin cast guys deleted? Not trying to sound 'hard', but I would show up to Norway after a Spring and Summer of bodybuilding and training? I would, just like with the last flight / trip, have my mobile shrine unit with me too....=^_^=.

Hehehehahahahaha =^_^=! And this time, if I decide to do a trip, if *ANY* visions / mystic events related to F*n***Star take place (*feels my toenails and fingernails glowing with laughter*), it'll be time for the wrestling ring, tickling, and me going for the pin ^_^!!! Hehehe. Yea. Tickle Puppy. (*Notices a pair of glowing eyes...hovering above me as I gaze up*) (*Smiles*). Yea. I will do my utmost to gently pin her in the ring, and grab her snout =^_^= (*cackles as I feel a loving caress to my left hand*)!
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