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Starship Dreams / A Worried Heart........

Rather than chill under the blankets till nightfall this free day (no dinner invitations, nor local roadtrips, nor backlogged vision reports to write).....I think I am going to...

..try to warm up..., and do some illustrations.

That.....whilst thinking.

What's on my mind today?

Sides the subject matter of the prior post, I have been feeling an emotion...that I guess is anxiety.... . Just a smidge? Why? I know why ~~~.......... .

I am thinking about the ship, and life onboard it.

Trialers can pick and choose how they will note a 'graft'. They can note 'any' anime / subanime 'race' '/' 'species'....., and note either XX or XY chromosome type 'specifications'....or even 'full' 'futa' (*wince*)....probably.

I wonder....how I will choose...in the early stages / days...... .

I wonder how the (???) blue place mentioning being will choose........ . (That is totally up to them, I plan to give said being space...as the following sentences will attest.).

Well....even with unexpectedly sharing the ship, the plans which I have harbored for over III decades have not 'changed'. *Grins happily*.

For the sake of personal comfort, I hope the ship will have a dual and lockable "residential wings" type setup....(with lots of sound dampening / acoustic insulation in between each). If so, and no offense intended, I will need a month or couple of months (and maybe even a year) in "private". Lol. Yea. During the initial meeting event.....I would say hi to the other trialer, state my intentions, bow, and then dart behind my lockable wing door / residential section of the ship.....so I can go party ^_^! Dang right. It'll be time to dance, party, play arena style electric guitar concerts, have fun, celebrate, and have month length....(or months length....) all day and all night partying....with plenty of soda, pizza, and ice cream =^_^=!!! Yea. Partying in my pj's *^_~*.....and enjoying the life!!!

*Thinks about shipboard matters*.

Hmmm...... . I wonder if control room access would require both of our hands placed on a "lock panel" present on the control room door........ . Maybe that would be best.

Maybe after a couple months...or even a year of ***heavy*** rest and relaxarion (no data mining this anemic internet anymore) (actually sleeping....rather than fluid world events and dimension diving), I would undergo my Infiniversal Routing Tear Gem / Infiniversal Routing Gem Deactivation training. Yea. I would venture from my residential wing section clad in knight's armor....and make / give a formal reintroduction to my trialing partner..... .

Onboard a ship, would we have to train to move past anime limits / recover our full capacities?

As for the subject matter of appearance goes, a hyperdimensional being can design / choose their appearance.....down to every detail...... .

I have many ideas about my desired and wished for appearance...that I want to test.

*Sighs wistfully*. I have waited for this chance for over III decades..... .

Yea.... . Well.....time to draw I guess...... .
Tags: house of art, life plans, planning for the future, starship, starship matters
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