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Looks Like That Plan Had Results.......

Looks like that plan had unexpected results...... .

I got back like I said I would......., and had a fluid world event (!!!!) after / amidst perceiving a mysterious presence (!!!) resting beside / near my bed.... .

I took the Jaggolin, and played some of the hyperdimensional hymn "My Sweet Little Monkey".....=^_^=.

After that, and even up till now.....the sensation of anxious tension in this place / realm has eased somewhat.

I found something...too.. . I often note a Negro grafted at *my* perception of Starry Maiden...... . Today was no different. Sometimes......I have issues perceiving her form....., her words, and even her actions. After today's event, I am realizing that I have observed Starry Maiden tracking me down for years...., I mean years. (*Recalls at anime grafts....Sakura Haruno, Dawn, Momo, Shizuka Marikawa, Misato Katsuragi, Ryou Fujibayashi, Chun Li, Lana Lang, Maka Albarn, Anzu / Tea, Dawn, Chihiro K*waii.......*). (*Suddenly recalls at Tokimi..........*).

(Even before the big Tokyo event about VIII years ago....., I witnessed a 'specific' 'Negro' 'graft'...just before noting that dragon....).

This whole matter is wholly unexpected for me. Defying at gods like Jehovah....., and releasing realm-shaking cosmic blasts is / was not extremely difficult for me. I lived a monastic lifestyle, adhered to my training, utilized the fiery resolve which still burns within me now, and did my duty..... .

But how....., for the life of me, has my life / daily events / requirements for progress...come down to.....relationship stuff??? Relationship stuff, and the heart state / mood state of somebody else??? How should I approach this situation......? Me? I am going to pray about this. I am going to pray for assistance (*felt a caress to my hair*) and advice from observing hyperdimensional beings.


In the meantime, whether the Nintendo Switch offer is taken or not, I have my eyes set on my next big move over here =^_^=. My released music has an effect on the rhythems of the planet and the cosmic environment surrounding it..... .

Me? I am ready to resume my work of the past.

I will never forgive the W*lmington demon baboons that employed sadistic and futile demolitions at my fully boxed and shiny condition Boomerang Phrase Sampler...., but it is time to move on.....from the pain and shock of yesterday. (*Notices a hovering pair of glowing eyes*). After I get that gallon of G*ld......this comes next ^_^!

As for tonight though, I think I am going to go on the Nintendo Shop and download this.

Why? I do not even have VI hours logged onto The Switch after a month.

Here is the friend code if you want to join up (if the software even has onkine multiplayer).

Tags: empathic projection, empathic projection via music, nintendo switch
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