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Ship Contact Effects / Continuing The Reporting From The Last Post

Trigger Warning: I would not advise mortals to read this.

If Starry Maiden notes this, how about holding reading this post till more information is available. Re-integration events are never easy, and I was in the thick of such an event today.

That ship, the contact from it, did something to me. I am feeling shaky, and strained... . That data transmission / interfacing with my brain and mind....involved nore data processing on my part......in just a couple moments........than was done for / in an entire year...during the 90's notation era. No way mankind's computers could decipher the incredibly complex transmissions from the vessel.

The last post was written woozily, but now my brain is coming back online...... .

Did another trialer also receive a message from the ship? An "invitation" (*jumped as felt a caress to my backside amidst typing*).....? Or did I just note an enemy deity capitalize at my vulnerable state....following the transmission....? Yea... . I am going to continue from the last post.


So there I was...after the ship communication event....and a bout of fluid world events....playing with a water blaster / water tag blaster like some kid (*vulnerably exhaled.....and felt my stomach sink*). Was I in a state of amnesia...., or maybe I reintegrating a portion of my dormant being....??? I do not know, but I only had the most blurry recall of my time spent for the last III decades.

So after playfully spraying some water (???) onto a certain figure....., I had no clue what was about to bappen next...... .

A black expanse event ***IMMEDIATELY*** took place. A very deep and chilly black expanse event. I found myself materializing a sleeping bag..around my body..that suddenly seemed clothed in pajamas. At my right side, I sensed (!!!) a presence, but witnessed an unknown and 'petite' Negro XX chromosome type.......that was wearing pajamas, and inside a sleeping bag. True to my instincts (lol) (*cackles in retrospect*), I just zipped up my sleeping bag to get cozy, and prepared to sleep.

Yea. I was cozy and warm........ .

But I found myself woken up when I noted finger pokes (!?!) at my arm..... . Hunh? Had my sleeping bag been unzipped? Before opening my eyes, I sensed the presence...to my right side...seemingly tapping at my arm and shoulder...as if to wake me and get my attention???? Opening my eyes, I noted the 'petite' 'Negro' one witnessed before..... . The one seemed to be changing, taking on more interracial traits. Apologetic over the playful water blast event from before, I gazed forward.....and only noted a 'gaze' from the one.

I was still drowsy, and found myself going back to sleep... . That was when I heard at the one...start reciting what sounded like some 'suggestive' 'pop' '/' 'rap' 'lyrics'... . I did not 'get' 'it'....???

Where was ***THIS*** me that types now? And why was I acting like I did not have any experience witnessing mankind??????

Well....the answer was revealed.... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing in terror and shock*). (*Wiped...what I suppose was a tear of "the blonde" from my left cheek*).

[*Feels my data processing abilities surging*].

I soon noted (!!) the one witnessed moments before....(!!!!) 'mounting' at my sleeping bag (*gulps*) in a 'suggestive' 'manner'..., 'pinning' at me (!!!!!). I now discern that I witnessed an interracial incarnation of the one I studied at a couple autumn seasons ago....., but (*shakes my head*) the me present then and there had hardly any clue about any of that. The one pinning at me started....(*shakes my head*) talking about sexual matters and 'intentions' like those referenced in 'Minaj' 'type' 'radio' 'selections'.....???

And as if an ultimate confirmation of so much, even ***THAT*** me.....ran!!! (I never will understand 'sexuality'). I slid from my sleeping bag..., and fled like a scared kid... . Well, I guess a reckoning took place, and took place when I was most vulnerable (*felt my stomach sink*).

A deep chill overtook the area..., and everything went pitch black. The me that was there, actually.....got......scared? *Blinks*. The Negroesque one disappeared at even my energy senses, and soon I detected at an extremely strong power.....at the area ahead.. .

I heard at the what sounded like the 'footfalls' of a 'wolf-like' 'beast'......approaching (!!!), and to my utter shock, and probably as a means / a result of ***ME*** preparing for deployment, I saw (!!!) what seemed like a busload or even a multitude....of beyond anime blonde (!!!!!) apparitions "popping forth" from ***me****....and scurrying about the area in a hysterical and panicked state (!!!!!!). W...What was happening to me? Fear....???? Me??? Feeling fear???? Hunh!?!??!? As I heard at the footsteps of what seemed to be a 'wolf-like' entity that was bearing down directly at where I was standing, I (!!??!?!?!).....found my mouth and body being moved by the / an "other me" (!!) who cried (!!??!!) "please don't hurt me ~~!!" (*blinks as I felt a kiss as I type*) repeatedly...whilst dodging / retreating backwards........ .

*Strains amidst an intense heart palpitation felt as I type / plan my next words*.

I think I noticed all the blonde apparitions that had been scurrying around.....returning to me.....then... .

But then after another wave of darkness took place for the area, the hysterical blondes popped forth again as..I caught at the visage of what seemed like a gray wolf-like entity that had it's hackles standing up....as it growled.

The fear of the other me took over again, and I found my arms and legs scurrying on the dark firmament of that black expanse as *yet* *again*....my mouth moved...and proclaimed..."please don't!".... . (*Gulps*).

Sitting there (*shakes my head*)....almost just a spectator to my own motor controls, I observed an animesque deity level entity with white hair...(around shoulder length) approaching. and approaching directly from where the 'wolf-like' force had been. The entity seemingly had on a school uniform (!!???!!?!). My breathe caught in my chest as I noted the entity stretch out a palm, and lift at my entire body. All the blondes scurrying around the location apparently returned to the source, and tben (!!) ***I***.....popped from the bodily point of view....this time. Right as I was readying to get to work.....with the whole defending bit, I saw a mysterious beyond anime being (perhaps with a blonde ponytail) suddenly step forward from the periphery....and say "What are you doing~?". (!!!!!!). The animesque white-haired one seemed flustered, immediately releasing the grip / hold (telekinetic or physical) at my prior bodily point-of-view..., and placing hands to mouth in a gesture of sbock.

The environment immediately went to a beyond anime state (!!!) for a couple moments, and the blonde being that had been my prior pov point (!!!).....was seemingly crying (!??!), holding an arm for some reason, and being taken somewhere to be consoled to by some beings who I struggled to even perceive. I got worried and confused as I watched the tall and shaken blonde (wearing what seemed like a blue long skirt, and maybe a green jacket or overshirt)....being lead away. (Did I hear a being address the blonde as "mother"? Was that term in a nun context?).

The environment was going fluid again, and I think I was frantically trying to use a piece of technology meant for establishing / re-establishing ship contact.... . Yea, my true essence touched down ***EARLY*** (hence why I needed a ship all along), and arrived with no experience in the defensive arts....... . Had I reintegrated that blonde portion of myself, and returned to this house, I would likely have controlled flight available in ***THIS*** realm, as well as a host of new abilities...... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing in concentration*).

I managed to get to some signal device amidst all that fluid world stuff. I tried to activate the unit, but struggled to move the lever (*maybe just felt a kiss again*). That was when I sensed the approach of a being that had a towering heroic spirit (!!!?!!). Maybe a beyond anime being who had ninja style spiky brown hair, and a sensation / vibe of ***ULTIMATE*** ***COURAGE*** and ***ABSOLUTE*** ***RESOLVE*** that flowed from them and even seemingly into / through me. The being helped me move whatever dial / lever / switch I was struggling with. (Was it a location transponder or some hyperdimensional artifact related to the ship????).

Yea. I affirmed why I need the privacy of a black hole surrounded....starship. That delicate and fragile-hearted blonde.....is not meant for brawling, fighting, and the like.
Tags: black expanse event, fluid world cluster events, re-merging, unification
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