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Pizza And Software Night..........

I think I am going to get a pizza..., and download this....

..........., and have a little night of rest & relaxation to celebrate the mountain sanctuary's water systems being back online / repaired. (Yea. All I have to do now is get a small wrench to address a very very tiny issue, and get II water filters....., and that is just a store trip away).

*Kicks back in the recliner to rest, and enjoy the view*.


If F*n**sS**r reads I can / could do the free Switch offer by next week, but an anonymous post office box (available to any post office) would absolutely be necessary to receive it..... . Yea, I do not want certain haters '/' hecklers having the Negro male graft's 'name'.....(which might be on an Amazon Prime gift shipment label....) nor my current mountain sanctuary address..... . (Ain't got no time for a car full of angry and twacked out 'relatives' '/' 'Christians' pulling up at my yard lol).
Tags: chilling, chilling in the crib, house maintenance, house of relaxation, nintendo switch, pizza
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