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A Night Of Fun, Dancing, And Pizza / I Love Being Alive ~~~ =^_^= ~~!!!!


*Danced and prepared dinner* =^_^= ~~~ *.


*Found another tune I used to dance along to years and years ago*.

*Danced to the choir....., and continued prepping dinner whilst dancing*.

*Feels a soaring, even bursting sensation of hope, faith, exhilaration, joy, happiness, and trust.....blasting forth from my entire being*.

*Feels my nose bridge tingling as I dance whilst typing*.

*Loves being alive*.

Me so haaaaaaaaaaappy ~~~ =^_^= ~~~ !!!!!!!!

*Swoons in ecstasy for / over the chance to be alive*.

I love this ~~~ !!! I love being alive ~~~ =^_^=~~!!!!!!

Prays in happiness and thanksgiving*.


(A free field guitar given to me).

(Rectangular White And Yellow S*pphires =^_^= ~~ !!! ~~ !!!).

*Dances in prayer and thanksgiving*.

*Dances and skips about* ^_^ ~~!!!!!
Tags: adventures, ecstasy, energy surge, gemstone training, happiness, house of dancxing, house of fun, house of gemstones, loving being alive, partytime
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