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About What Happened Earlier This Week........... / About Saturday Night Wrestling.......

You may notice....that I did not do a 'weepy' post this week after what happened....happened. You may notice I did not blame nor scold the author that I witnessed a couple autumn seasons ago.

That is because I ain't mad at the author. I am not angry at that author.

I need to explain myself, and that since I do not intend to 'play' 'victim' whatsoever, nor 'hop' 'on' 'in' into the 'latest' 'trends' 'of' 'seasonal' 'victimwear'.....'adorned' by the mortal 'virtue-signalers' I can't stand.



Yea...(*winces*). There was an issue in communication, regarding what I said last weekend???

I did not intend 'sexual' 'provocation'...., nor 'sexual' 'teasing'.

And I not going to 'play' 'victim' here.....and blame the author...... .

I was talking about wrestling on here, and noted a......reaction....take place for the BG author.

Y..yea, by wrestling, *I* meant / intended......playing and having fun......(*feels my fingernails glowing with guilt and embarrassment*). Not...'sex'. I wanted to play, have fun, and laugh *^_^*..., as well as search for life pattern waves / energy waves indicative of a trialer.

Obviously, albeit unexpectedly....this journal was read O_O. (I was not even expecting that). I guess when I did not show up (!!!!) O_O last weekend...., I (!?!) noted that author track down at me...as I was in the middle of a black expanse event.

(*Recalls at that gaze from the author, and that open sleeping bag*) (*Notices a pair of white eyes hovering around the ceiling as I type*).

Ummm...the author had an '***EXTREME***'...'need'....for....'sexual' 'relations'....targeted at me, and me specifically.

As I spectated at the author fall onto knees....suggestively (*coughs*) at my sleeping bag, and pin at me in the process. I heard at the petite author's spoken references to 'being' 'horny'..... . Yea, and 'liking' 'how' 'it' 'feels'..... .

Me? I did not know about that stuff....??? *O_O*........ .

[Seemingly heard at voice asking "Do u want to learn about it?"...as I paused....typing].

*Notes a pair of glowing blue eyes hover close to the tablet*.

Hyperdimensional beings stepped in......., and addressed the situation. Me? I need to apologize to them.... . I did not try to nor intend to stir up any problems. (*Gulps*).

Now, when it comes to noting that author entity, I have some questions regarding the next black expanse event / to be asked during the next black expanse event. I do not understand 'horny'? So I will see about bringing a pizza (lol), materializing a dinner table setting, and asking questions about 'the' 'feeling' 'horny' over pizza =^_^=.

I mean, is there a medicine for it? Cause I really wanna wrestle =^_^= ~~~ !!!!

(*I can not repeat on here...the 'medicine' 'suggestion' spoken at me by an unknown voice...after I typed the above*).

Yea, and I mean wrestling, the fun kind =^_^=! Yea, not 'sex'.
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