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Hunh.....Hyperdimensional Minds??? Interesting!!! / Studies And Research

Trigger Warning: This article documents my mental training, and is written in a manner striving for objectivity and self advancement. I would only advise individuals who have trained accordingly to read it.


I am a tiny bit backlogged, and need to report a couple of black expanse events, including an event that took place last n....

*pauses as notes at an FB message from a mortal Caucasian XX chromosome type*....


But I could not ignore....posting about a revelation I had..after reading at a CH 'comment'.

Jeez even O_O.

Hmmmmm. I have indeed learned that there is an undeniable dimensional component to visuals (ie beyond anime visuals)...which is actually a ***CRUCIAL*** characteristic that details and well as reveals *so* *much* about whatever it is that is viewed.

But the mind.......as a means to determine / assess / reveal dimensionality / dimensionality levels / dimensional qualities??? Hmmmmmmm........... . Dimensionality.., and minds.... . Hmmmmmmm......... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing in shock*). While on the topic of dimensionality, what about dimensionality and emotions then??? Hmmmm.... . (*Thinks*). What is the mind of a beyond 12D being like? What are the emotions and personality.....of a beyond 12D being like??? (*Feels flutters in my stomach*).

I have actually written about such in past posts when my empathic and telepathic reception gateways are open during contact events. Hmmm. How would a hyperdimensional being write though? What subject matters would they write about?

I want to talk with a being who is beyond 12d, and / or any case......read the nonfictional writings of such a being. Indeed, a being who has transcended mortality, mortal limitations. and a (by default) mortal...and easily wounded ego.

I do not get any substance / sustenance from the 'trivial' 'talk' of '2d' 'and' '3d' 'mortals'. That is, too, why I always feel so lonely in my days here.

What would a beyond 12D person think of me? Would they even consider me sentient? Would they even think I have free will? Sink or swim, I wish to find the answer to that question.


My skin went pale as I read at a 'CH' 'article' just now.

And that is because right now, IRL, I note three XX NC chromosome types (*thinks*)....um...five NC Caucasian XX chromosome types 'ready' 'for' 's*x' 'anytime'....... . All of em either 'married' or in 'long' 'term' 'relationships' (as is usually the case).

Dude is describing at almost ***EVERYTHING*** I have noticed at...during my studies locally!!!


It even happened in Japan, when I noticed some dude's wife start feeding y*ba at me in a restaurant (as the dude was even sitting *right* *there* at a neighboring restaurant table) (I had been illustrating a Jag Yggdrasil illustration to the table before that, an illustration to put on the post notes covered wall).

Glad I never put my foot into the 'dating' 'market'. Glad I never had to go through a 'breakup', 'cucking', 'dumping', or 'divorce' 'r*pe'. The XY chromosome types and XX chromosome types just can't win. Jeesh..... .

*Shakes my head*.
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