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No Stop For The Fluid World Events / Chilling With Starry Maiden / Reporting Backlog

It would be nice to have a chance to talk to a genius regarding time, space, dimensions, and physics right now...and get some answers as to what is going on. Because right now I am tired, and I am sleepy, but these fluid world events keep speeding up in pace and intensity.

After writing the last post, and trying to sneak a nap, the world went fluid.....and the house morphed.....and was consequently fallen upon by morphed and possibly uprooted trees in the backyard..... . I struggled to move my arms and legs because I was so tired, so I launched my star-like form to survey the environment. I caught at two or more unknown Caucasian guys messing around at the backyard, and the stream area to the left / side of the house.

By the time I made it back to prior point of view, some kind of major shift took place for the environment, as well as what seemed like rolling black expanse events.

Me? I slept (lol) through as many fluid world and black expanse events as I could. Sometimes I would wake to witness strange subanime auditoriums, and me covered in a blanket that was imbued with protective seals.

Event I want to report is this...next event (which had beyond anime visuals).

Some point...I woke to view of incredible beauty.... . I saw breathtaking canyons, a stunning evening / dusk / night sky backdrop..., and perhaps a luminous and enormous tree...far in the background. A tree with pink leaves or petals. Whilst I ran toward the tree in the distance, albeit carefully as I was on the ridge / ledge of a very precarious pathway...., I sensed Starry Maiden and froze.

Launching my starlike form from my body, I saw the blonde and ninja knight attire enrobed me from the other day or so (!!!!) (=^_^=)...., but standing near me was the beautiful, softly luminous, amnd trusting Starry Maiden ^_^. She was still "grouped" with me (*blinks as felt a kiss*).

I was about to try to greet her, when I witnessed a strange entity.......approach at us.

A strange entity with bat-like wings, a tail, and a central core-like body. The entity attacked at us? I remembered that I had witnessed the entity before....., and was not sure why I witnessed the deity dude attacking.


I tried to shield Starry Maiden with my body (*feels a caress to my scalp*)... . The beyond subanime, and possibly extreme anime limits deity struck with powerful blows. My defenses held, but I struggled to touch back down to my body, and struggled to move my body remotely.

Did Starry Maiden get upset (!!!!!)???

She wanted to protect me (!!!!). After an intriguing transformation, where possibly her hair turned long and brown, she pulled forth a heavy duty energy shutgun (!!!) or such, and blasted at the attacker... . Inspired by her resolve, I remotely materialized an energy machine gun into my hands, and then recovered some motor control...with which I used to blast at the attacker.

Within a few moments..I noted the 'rapidly' 'weakening' enemy 'retreating'.

Hunh.... . Starry Maiden and I are grouped up now? Still grouped up????? Then I think all these back to back to back to back fluid world and black expanse events are directly related to that fact. (*Pauses in a stunned manner*). Her energy generation capacity is *ENORMOUS*.....(*feels my toenails glowing in a stunned manner*). She had an energy generation capacity O_O that warded at a *DEITY* level opponent......... . Yet, I sensed no threat from her whatsoever. She was a friend, I would even say family...(!!) (*felt a caress to my hair*). Why does she believe in me so much? Why did she trust me so much? Does she already know how I would never intend harm at her....??? She sure acted like it. All that energy and potential she had, and she believed in me, even trusting me on an instinctual level.

She is a worthy teammate, and I am proud of her =^_^=! Yea. She is my friend. (*Feels my heart and body glowing with pride and conviction*). (*Feels my "infinity engine" ability revving into gear (*gasps amidst sudden flashbacks overtaking me*)*). I have confidence in her (*strains as flashbacks (!!??!?!), see...seemingly memories, o..of some idyllic farmstead residential setting......, a beyond anime setting, flood and stream through my straining mind*)......... . (*Reels*). Woa, am I having amnesia related flashbacks? Why art my brain straining so much..... . Ow ~....lol :p.

Almost don't know if I can continue writing...... .

Oh, but I need to. I will try to make it quick....... .

From what I have already seen it seems safe that Starry Maiden and I will meet up...."over here"....soon, and / or "here" will be permanently synchronized to the settings of that eerie landscape I just saw.

K... . I need to wrap this backlog matter up.

Before that though, I want to thank you Starry Maiden (*blushed as felt a nourishing kiss (!!!) like sensation to my lips*) (*blushed after finding myself doing a nourished type of hiccup *O_O*) (*feels flutters in me tum tum*).


The house might need another repairing after last night. During a fluid world event, I found my setting transformed..... . The house had merged eith another nearby location to the neighboring town, and when I ventured from the front door, I noted strange carnivores...... . I might have thrown a defensive blast...when I witnessed an unknown and enormous....subanime hyena-like entity approach at my immediate vicinity, and consequently I heard at something crashing through at the brush / vegetation to the border of the yard.

I sensed that I needed to flee, so I darted for the door of the house.... . I heard at the footfalls of a colossal beast just feet behind me, and I made it to the doorz made it inside and then closed the door. But that is just it??? As if I witnessed a reality warper, I suddenly found myself just steps from the door.....and back to where I had been just seconds before..........(!!!!). I made it to the door AGAIN, but this time spotted at the jaws and head of a hyena-cheetah and enormous beast.....bearing down at me. When I reached at the head......(!!!!!) my ability took effect, and I noted the monster changed to a 'feisty' 'cub' that kept lunging and snapping at me. Within moments, I found myself dangling materialized pizza / pepperoni at the ravenous and spotted lil feller (*raises an eyebrow*)....that started acting more like a pet..... .

The scene / setting of my bedroom reloaded.......within some moments... . Yea, but calmly gazing about my bedroom...with full mobility available to me, I heard a BOOM (!!!) to my front door...that made the brick house rattle (!!!). I don't know how much more fluid world event leftovers this house can take... .


I have been sensing a hyperdimensional being inhabiting the area around my house this week. The hallmarks of such a notation are an area free from negativity, depression, and a fluffy and radiant feeling to the immediate area. (*Notices a pair of floating blue eyes as I type*) (*Felt a touch to my foot....lol*). Well, a couple nights ago, I had an eerie black expanse event take place (!!!!!), where moments before I just straight up fainted, I ***SAW*** a hyperdimensional being via what seemed like peaceful and radiant toned VGA (!!!) style visuals....... . (*Gulps*). I guess I had data processing issues, but I immediately recognized the soft-hearted, angelic, gentle, heartwarmingly sweet, and peaceful being....whom I saw sitting / hovering in the darkness. I want to thank that being for watching over me, and for watching over us (*gasped as I felt a kiss*).

K. Time to make dinner (quick fettuccine......and algae for a shiver inducing midnight snack (because I will do whatever it takes to boost my abilities, and those condensed vitamins and that high chlorophyll concentration art exactly what I need)).
Tags: contact event, fluid world cluster events, friendship, friendship is salvation, starry maiden, teammates
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