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Bout To Head Back Into Diving And Or Fluid World Events....

Whether they were fluid world events or dimension diving events, I found myself taking cover through much of my mystic events after the last post.

An intriguing event happened though? Indeed, some color expanse event....(not black or white this time) took place, and during that...I perceived *O_O*.....a familiar and petite being... who crawled up to me (???) and onto my lap as I sat. I gave the being a greeting hug...., as my vision seemed totally down..... . Yea, but then I heard at entities approaching at the area / periphery, and that as some type of gravity typhoon event took place.....that was like being caught in a whirlpool current. But then I perceived the previously hugged being kissing / nuzzling my neck amidst tenderly holding to me (!!!).....and I recognized the being's gentle and loving emotional patterns. *Nods*. Starry Maiden.

(*Perceives a pair of eyes as I type*) (*seemingly perceived a kissing sensation (!!!)*).

(*Smiles*). Soon things shifted soon though...., and a more traditional black expanse took place. Yea and with my friend / teammate beside me, I / we seemed to suddenly witness some strange deity level opponent attacking at us???? Some powerful opponent that had a projectile weapon.... . Tired at the powerful attacks striking at my defensive barrier / armored aura, I dashed forward, released a g**vity wave, and noted the unknown entity disarmed and helpless. As I was about to ask some questions, another whirlpool-like event took place.

I think I am about to head back....into the diving scenario / fluid world events. Maybe I slipped last night by not taking Nootropic herbals (Bacopa and the like) before bed.
Tags: contact event, starry maiden, time and space phenomena
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