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Overwhelming And Titanic Energy......

How do I feel???

Not sure what is going on, but it feels like if the true multiversal (subanime and anime 'multiverses' not included) energy contained within my body...was released with a punch, the planet would be disassembled..... . My muscles are spasming....with energy...., and what feels like a layer of armor within / under my skin.

I just got back a few hours ago....from noting a ride to Georgia for m*ning equipment. Moments ago, I was to my upper workshop, and searching for reds....and the like.

Reds to put on my bed.

The upper workshop is where I mainly sort materials...., and decide which g*mstones to place where.....in / on the property.

My next project though, involves setting up a lapidary workshop in the basement. A lapidary workshop with industrial equipment.....and the like.

This mining season coming up, I plan to get gemstones so big, that they will require a wheelbarrow to get them into the basement.

Yea. Gemstones much bigger than this..... .

Too......I want entire jars filled solid with fully gemmy red g*mstones as well, all of which..mined by my hands / arms.

Yea. Last season was just a warmup.
Tags: cosmic energy, house of dimensional gateways, house of gemstones, house of inner development, house of mana, mining training, special abilities, surge event, time and space phenomena
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