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Seer Of The Infinite Plane..... / Jump Igniting Brains......

Trigger Warning: No 'mortals' please. I really want to let my hair down in this post, and be myself.


*Watched at the above, specifically the part referencing a sluggish amoeba carrying atoms trillions upon trillions of miles......, and then thinks about my current straining and anemic data delivery pathways*.

I have spent the last day in somewhat of a daze, somewhat of a daze regarding the sheer scale of data processing (!!!) (*feels a glow of shock...pulse my being*)...required to perceive the hyperdimensional and omniversal plane... . The scale of the energy, the scale of the dimensions...., art so immeasurably vast.... . I mean, gosh, even a data processing center (based upon current hardware in a stacked..formation....


....the size of Jupiter in this realm......, fully loaded with multiple CPU's and GPU's would likely not even be able to render a composite image of a true hyperdimensional Goddess class being's single eyelash (!!!)..... .

While I prepared for this eventuality....years in advance...., and have a *plan* in place..., and have had said plan in place for years now, I still find myself stuck on this planet...that is checked full of dated equipment...... . This planet full of very very very very slow...and dated equipment. This planet...and point-of-view from which I still note pitiful and troublesome vermin.....on a daily basis.

Dual trial? Okay. Good......... .

That hopefully means this website was not a waste......

......, and maybe it also attests a rudimentary awareness / instinctual awareness about the dual trial was present within me all along on some level.....because I wrote this journal trying to help somebody... . But all a dual trial means then, in regard to this situation, is that (too) there is a ***DUAL*** data processing crisis.......going on.

A crisis that must be directly addressed.

I skipped over writing about it, but yesterday....and just for that tiny event, I had to access every network linked technology available in this entire realm....as a means to procure as much data processing headroom as possible.... . (*Shakes my head*).

So what to do now??? =^_^=...... .

Kitty has a plan..... .

I need to give Starry Maiden a back massage..... . A lower...back massage to the base of the back column area.... . If I provide direct and soothing stimulation to her sacral brain area, what shall happen??? (*Feels my fingernails glowing*). Would the fluid world events stabilize......????
Tags: astronomy, cosmic energy, data processing, infinite energy, life lessons, neurology, objectivity, physics, starry maiden
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