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A Burning Call To Play The Songs Of The Holyland........

I know am I writing another post that reports about the Tifa (!!!) event that took place today, as well as another really important event...... .

But after riding about town just now, a ***PREMONITION***....***ROCKED*** me to my core.... .

Even the thick clouds overhead.....parted to reveal blue skies......as an intense desire, and a feeling of ***FIERY*** inspiration overtook me.

It feels like I am being summoned, maybe even *driven* to play a hyperdimensional hymnal / hyperdimensional anthem.... . That....via a certain device.....


.....since it is not easy to find virgin musicians....to help me play backing tracks....and lead melodies. Oooooooooh ~~~.....(*swoons amidst another bout of cravings*)... . Yea... . I may as well go ahead and get it. Music unlocked my abilities over a decade ago..... .

Playing with myself, as referenced in the above photo, lead me to experience new vistas of abilities and perception during the cosmic blast / tsunami event era. Yea. I wanna play with myself again =^_^=!!!

I may as well right? That Nintendo Switch offer did not seem to go anywhere (though it still stands). (*Wonders if I note the author from 2016 locked up or something*). (*Thinks about my theory about parallel and converging mindscape worlds, and what that might entail regarding the past...and the future*) (*feels an intense glowing sensation about waist level*). And I have to do ***SOMETHING*** to speed up and intensify the fluid world events as well as the full awakening of my true abilities.

*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope, as well as relief*.
Tags: house of starlight rock, hyperdimensional hymnal, music studio, music training, musical improvisation
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