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The Omniversal Routing Trial Is The Domain Of Geniuses (Can I Do This Then?) / Narcy Trap

Before I get into reporting today's events, I need to state something....that is directly related to today's events.

The "trial" as I call it.., the Omniversal Routing Trial / Infiniversal Routing Trial...., is apparently like a hypercompetency test of champions, as well as a trial meant to affirm and give testament to unbreakable bonds of love. It's the domain of super geniuses, and the most passionate beings to ever exist.

Me? While I do feel passion for the chance to live, and have intense desires to protect and nurture to those I can care about..., I do not know how *I* could set any infiniversal examples / standards when it comes to having a truly loving and passionate heart.

Now, as for the aforementioned geniuses part, that makes me go chilled with concern and worry......... . And deeply so..... .

While I did relocate to a survival facilitating and necessary.....g*m m*ning region, and while that bore (!!!) clearly visible lifestyle and health results....



no title

......, why did it take me so long.....? Not only that, but what about the whole data processing issue??? Is it really the way it must be? And by "it", I mean the fact that a trialer must absolutely and completely refuse at a 'grafted' 'narcy' 'trap' 'anime' '/' 'subanime' 'body' (by discerning at the 'lack' of a thigh gap and optimally angled hips)....., and thus discover the ultimate secret to processing and directly perceiving the incredibly dense information of the hyperdimensional plane......??? (A secret that is actually the *ONLY* chance for survival and advancement for said trialer). And that all whilst witnessing and enduring at billions of 'brainwashing' 'imposing' mortals...'claiming' and 'enforcing'....'body' 'positivity'....'movements', and accusing the subanime / anime graft at your existence.....at being attractive...and "fine"???

Yea. The trialing process? I hope it will have had / does have competency tests required before any person can undergo it. Because the trial seems like a hypercompetency test fit for ultimate geniuses.....(*feels my stomach sink*)....and only ultimate geniuses. Beings who live by objectivity, and are not trapped by narcissism, solipsism, and the trappings of the 'ego'.

Yea, because even if a trialer, struggling all the while, *DOES* manage to discover the ultimate truth about data processing, neurology, and anatomy...., well there.....may apparenty be dual trial (!!!!) and dual trial synchronization issues to address....before ***ANYTHING*** happens....... . Yea, like a "buddy system", or a III-legged race. (Me? In an attempt for honesty, I need to admit that I do not know how I even made it this far. All I can figure...is that somebody prayed for me...., and all I know, is that a being / pair of beings hath been administering miraculous and stupifyingly effective pain, strain, and fatigue easing treatments (*turns totally red*) to me for over a decade..... . (Thank you for that).).

Yea... . This trial thing is not 'easy'...... . It never was.......... .

K. Let's continue with the report then.


(*Realizes the term I am about to use hath unexpected literal and figurative connotations*). Some new tyoe of event was underway today. Initially I had a floating vantage point, and saw the patterned land below me pulsate....and stretch... . The "ground" below seemed to be made of patterned neon white and black.....tones...that stretched and contracted. Where was I....????

Suddenly buildings coalesced......, seemingly solidifying around me (*feels a wave of deep terror and nervousness pulse / glow forth....around navel level...as I remembered what happened next*). Hunh? I was standing on a balcony...., and what appeared like the streets of a massive massive city....was far below. Was I (*gulps*) to a residential building? (*Notes my breathing getting shaky*).

I wanted to *HIDE*..., I ***REALLY*** wanted to hide, (*gulps*) so when an apartment building..uh....skytower being access point was visible before me, I backed up.....as if I woukd rather jump....from the balcony (I was not 'suicidal'.. . I can fly and safely withstand such during fluid world events).

My behavior was shifted from usual.... . I was openly terrified (*winces*), and needed safety, privacy (*felt an intense glow burst sensation around navel level*)...., and protection.... .

Oh no. That was what I said as I witnessed an animesque and brusque dude (!!) (*gasps in horror*)...burst forth from the doors / building access point...that I did not dare to enter. The dude asked some question(s) at me????

My starlike form..popped from my body (!!!!) (why does that always happen?????)...., and (!!!!) (*feels the light of shock pulse my body*) I noted (*gulps*), as I gazed upon myself, a hybrid.....anime subanime.....Tifa....(!!!???!!!) grafting at both my body and my voice. The anime subanime Tifa had a Caucasianesque face and nose, but (!!!!) (*refused at a unknown voice claiming "pretty" as I typed*) animesque dark brown and blonde hair...that was in streaks.... . (Serena related blonde, and Tifa related dark brown.....????). Eye color? I struggle to remember that much. As for attire (*felt a glow of anxiety within me*) (*facepalms*)...I noticed the verbatim attire...noticed via the Tifa reference software in the past...(*gazes right to the original and decades aged disc pack*). I tried to speak, still having bodily control, but I stuttered.. . I did not trust the dude (obviously), and I was getting ready to jump from the balcony ledge.... .

Urgh. The dude approached...at me....with his arms doing a reaching motion??? Quaking with terror...., I backed away, and was very close to the edge.. . (Did I witness one of those 'Turk' dudes????). Was that dude a 'Fictionkin'....???

Flight or not, I prepared to jump. I refused at the narcy trap grafted at my existence, and I did not recognize nor know the dude.... . Me? I just wanted to go..... .

So...another intense, very intense fluid world event took place.......then. Buidings shifted, places shifted..., things went into a state of flux.

To my relief, I was back to noting a Negro dude..... . (*Cringe*)....... . The environment took on a night setting... . A subanime 1990's coastal plains residential setting. I was sitting in a chair...??? Some random Caucasian 'geeky' dude was dissing at me.... . Dissing at me not accepting the subanime anime Tifa form perhaps??? Uh oh. The Negro graft automatically unleashed it's demonic 'form', and I had to use everything I had to freeze at his n*gglybear fist....that was about to break the geeky feller's faceparts... .

I shot into the heavens...., choosing the path of peace....(lol), and evaded some strange 'attack' 'stars' thrown by the grounded geeky feller..... .

(Maybe I noted the geeky feller was standing beside another dude as I shot into the heavens).

Gazing below, I observed the microscopic seeming lights of subanime night city. Another massive fluid world surge event took place.....then, and yet again...eerie shapes and white and black patterns...filled the entire visible environment.

Hunh. Seems some type of space station or skystation congealed...under my feet after the environmental gravity settings went all wonky.

After running, and hiding for quite some time, I found myself observing a gathering of sorts.

(*Skips ahead a couple scenarios due to being tired*) (*feels a caress to my scalp*).

I think, eventually, I found myself face to face with a being who may have been Starry Maiden / my trialing partner? But I noticed an interracial anime subanime hybrid Caucasianesque Mul*tto with 'wavy' 'brown' 'hair'....grafted at her if so. The graft was enrobed in a yellow formal dress? I said something I struggle to remember, and was alarmed when I saw signs of blushing red cheeks (!!!!)..... . Too, I sensed a very vast and intelligent mind, and commented aloud about that. Had I perceived and encountered being who had overcome the limitations teh narcy trap???

The mysterious and true being...who was much much much much *MUCH* more than 'the' 'graft' 'suggested', ...mentioned a code, and a willingness to help me complete it (!!!????!!?!!!). That, rather than 'twerking'....(in 'concordance' with subanime limits) ..

The being had *something*, a memo (???), that featured traces of my handwriting...and pieces of a code.

Writingly delicately, the being seemingly filled the code areas I (???) did not complete on my own.

Yea. And the completed (!!!) (*gasp*) paper / memo read...

"broken omelet" (!!!!). I ***KNOW*** what that means (*blinks as noted a sensarion like focused convulsions (!!??!!) or maybe electricity laden touches (???)*). An omnjversal / infiniversal routing process reference??? A blue place related reference????

Not sure why I am so tired. K. Report done. Me sleepy.

Before I go, I want to thank the being who contacted me today (*felt a caress to my scalp*). Maybe what took place today.....relates to the core matter of synchronization with Starry Maiden. That, so we can be in direct contact in this realm......, and then make way to the ship.
Tags: contact event, narcy trap, omniversal routing trial, space fabric manipulation, tifa, time and space phenomena
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