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Hungry Transdimensional Animal.......Event(s)

......O_O.... .

Some time within an hour ago, I woke up...in a very groggy state. (!!!). (*Suddenly recalls the sighting of a tan / lightly dark skin possessing lifeform wearing a yellow dress....before I drifted to sleep earlier*). I guess it was rare case.....in that I actually slept....rather than diving... / experiencing fluid world events.... .

Just as I yawned and prepared to go back to sleep (!!!), I heard at what sounded like the (!!!) the cry of a winged quadripedal animal (!!!!!)..!!!! The house and proprrty was totally dark as it was raining. Now, as soon as I heard the sound, I asked if I was noting a smallish dragon (!!!)

.....pup.... . The sound was seemingly noticed at or in (hyperdimensional wording) the front of my bedroom, and near a blue container I used for raking leaves.... . Something was *clearly* jostling around stuff in the back yard.

I tried to still my racing heart, saying how maybe I heard at a 'bear', or 'beaver', or 'skunk'......but my heart bursted with (!)..(???) excitement (!!??!!) for some reason, with palpable and electrifying magic coursing through my coronary arteries.

The sounds continued for a while, rustling sounds.... . Was it just me, or did I sense hunger????

I was about to go back to sleep....when I heard (!!!!) something (!!??!!!) going after / doing something (!!??!!?!!) to the spaghetti pot contents on my ***STOVE***!!!! What??!!??!?

I waited a while, needing to make sure.... . Yep. Whatever had been in the backyard, somehow traveled through walls of brick...

(*went into kitchen after hearing the sounds again, even hearing my dishes moved*)

....and directly into my kitchen!!! I got up, marched to the kitchen, turned on the lights, and stamped my foot....... . I did not hear any 'rats' "squeaking and running" (have not had any witnessed yet in my whole time here.....). No, instead (!!!), I saw a spaghetti pot handle turn (!!) as if it had been rotated / spun.

Was this another (!!?!!!!!) hungry F*****Star event...like that which took place soon after I moved in here??? (*Recalls last week, and the event where that cub or whatever....made the door rattle*)... .

Lol. Sweetheart, if you are hungry....., just call me up on my mobile phone or something..... . I can get you some store pickup option pizza.....? (*Seemingly heard a voice say "but I want your food"...O_O...*).

(*Thinks about the event..before bed in more detail O_O...*).

(*Thinks about the black expanse and fluid world events*).

Well......I guess it is....time for stuff (!!!!! (woa...I just felt touches!!!!) (like an aninal licking me!!!).....)....u.uh......*O_O*!!!!!

That settles it then (*gasped as I felt a kissing sensation*).

Yea. There is a being in here with me tonight *O_O*..... .

(*Heard a rustling sound as I said that aloud*).

Well, I'm calm =^_^=..... .

(*Has an idea*).

Tell you what....mystery being, I am going to do a midnight meal cooking, and place a filling portion on the table.

*Heard the silverware rustle*.

*Went into the kitchen, and spotted at something these 'legally' 'blind' 'graft' 'eyes' 'couldn't see very clearly, and heard what sounded like tiny wings vibrating from what seemed to be a small quadripedal animal that scurried about*.

*Takes a photo of the scene*.

Okay, I..I'll cook something? (*Shakes my head in shock*).


*Cooked the meal of Fettuccini and Parmesan, and left it to the area.....I noted the (???) presence hopping about*.

*Notices how the house suddenly got quiet, and even the rain suddenly held up. The energy texture of the area shifted as well*.

(*Figures the post made on Wednesday must have been read / seen...or something*).
Tags: contact event, dimension house, house of dimensional gateways, house of filling meals
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