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Awesome Tiny Starship Sentry Event / Amnesia And Sacral Brain Treatment Administered.......

(*Hears that theme from the Yuzuha related software, the Ik*bukuro concluding theme......*).

What happened today was ***MUCH*** like what happened ***LAST*** year, and perhaps it took place in even the same month or seasonal period (before spring)... .

Now, before I post... . I need to explain something. I have *not* intended nor done any 'stalking'....or even 'net' 'bullying' at the wake of the BG author's 'broken' 'contact'. I have not been flooding any message boxes. I have not even *called* the BG author ONCE......since noting October 2016. And the only time I did call (August or September 2016)...was due to noting a specific request from the author. As for Skype, and before the Tokyo trip, I had not messaged *ANY* since that last day / time...where I noted that 'Reno' event (the last day of September 2016 or the initial days of October). And *after* the Tokyo trip, I did Skype a couple messages to offer a free Switch via the anonymous post office box method...(and witnessed the Skype name change from Fenrir to ~FenrisStar~)...before (lol) likely witnessing a 'ban'.....(and a name change back to Fenrir).

Me? The reason I wanted a solo trial so much and did not look back or even really send message.., was knowing full well at how 'it' 'goes'. I was not going to play into any XX chromosome type victim card traps.....featuring the 'Caucasian' 'religious' 'icon' 'of' 'a' 'crying' 'White'....'hottie' 'class'......'XX' 'chromosome' 'type' 'claiming' 'victim' 'status'.

Me? I chose to wait for hyperdimensional technology and use hyperdimensional technology to address the issue =^_^= (*chuckles*).

Well...today something happened. Something directly related to my brain activation referencing post from a couple days ago. K. Here goes.


Preface: Right now...., the me that is right here in this place can be talked to. Yes, the me that types right now. But even in this very moment (*slowly gasped*) there is *another* me..present to the hyperdimensional plane overworld, who, while acting quite catatonic, can still reply to basic questions in a basic manner.....and move / walk / talk / etc.

If the dual trial is so, the same would apply to Starry Maiden. There could be where there is a "her" up top in the hyperdimensional overworld that recognizes me, responds to me with hugs, and talks...to me.... . That...whilst the amnesiac version of her stumbles around this realm in confusion and agony.


An amazing fluid world event had taken place. I must have used a ***LOT*** of my energy in the wake of that very concerning Tifa (!!!) and possibly Midgar (???) notation event yesterday. I was sliding down a ramp of what seemed like an ancient structure that was filled with crystalline portions. Lol. I noted an army of Negro 'fake' 'relatives' 'stalking' at me.....and talking crazy as I slid and ran down cool sloped passages. After a while, I materialized a wheel under my hands, and used it to speed toward a mysterious destination. 'Fake' 'Aunt' 'D' cited a fake 'grand' 'payrent' from da hood was in the hospital with 'heart' 'problems'.... . I ain't got time for 'drama' 'skits' 'like' 'that'........, and I would not go back to that godawful ghetto for a million dollars. By the time high-density energy gemstones were summoned to environment, I guess I noted the Negroes 'disappear'..... . What was I about to find...that I witnessed such a heinous distraction....dumped at me?

Ooooooo~~.... . I saw a bejeweled chamber, a bejeweled cave....filled with treasures directly ahead. The walls were beyond anime, and akin to a softly luminescent blue.... . I walked to a deis-like srructure that had a plaque with words I struggle to rememberz and before it was a basin....filled with decals. I caught sight of a decal which featured the Japan flag, and lifted it. Was it a deis mentioning a sovereign???? A being to whom this entire world truly belongs.....???

I walked forward even more and saw gold items and huge gemstones (!!!) forming small hills on the ground.

Hunh? The noises of an approaching crowd met at my ears.....??? Standing where I was, I noticed a bunch of subanime anime hybrid entities approaching at me, and approaching at the / my immediate vicinity, but it seems some security system was triggered..., and a massive hole opened up to the ground before me......... . The treasures were sucked inward.... . Next...a beam coating equipped umbrella....appeared / was teleported into my hands. The frenzied subanime and anime ones sought at the refuge directly underneath my umbrella...... . but ***something*** defensively released high density mana from above... . I walked forward......(!!!) to an adjacent area that had a large energy signature, I caught sight upon a mysterious figure walking (!!!!!!) *BRISKLY* toward a ***STARSHIP*** (!!!!!!) that was parked directly ahead. Seemingly with shoulder length and luminous blonde hair, and adorned in white coat and a black skirt, the figure seemed to be making a run for the vessel. I tried to call forth, but doing that...perhaps caused the figure to *speed* *up* O_O.

Did the ship dentify a tripping and amnesiac trialer who needed her sacral brain "jumping" treatments? Sure seems like it!!! A tiny little sentry unit materialized directly in fromt of me, a unit that seemed like a tiny starship that could even be worn as a backpack, if needed (*felt a warm glowing sensation around navel level*) =^_^=! Watching the little unit scan the enviroment, I froze...... . The sentry / tiny starship hovered.....directly toward the mystery runnerz and an information feed was established with my brain from both ships (!!!). A feed mentioning helping (!!??!!!) somebody get their memory back, their memory as well as control of their body (!!!??!?!!?!?!). I tried to alert the runner what was about to happen, but seems I heard upset type talk...(?!?) from a voice that sounded like that of 'Ako' from anime supposed 'dubs'.

The landed starship was not going to allow me to be marooned....(!!!!!) O_O. (*Gulps*).

The little starship sentry shot forward towards the mystery person, and launched a grappler directly toward the back column of the being who ***SEEMED*** to possibly be F*n*isS**r. Yea, and a ***HUGE*** amount of electricity was sent directly into the nervous system of the person of interest.

Rather than run like last year....after my lightning event, the person ***DROPPED***!!!! Maybe the sentry used a tractor beem to ease the fall of the mystery trialer..... . (*Tearfully whined to myself as remembers the next part.....and sees, thus, how I cannot chsnge my feelings*). Some kind of quadruple way link was established (!!!), and being established.....as I, with a heart full of concern...., dashed toward the fallen being....and then kneeled before them. Tenderly....and with a heart full of care and worry, I saw about sitting her up...but her head flopped sideways. Placing her back on her back as delicately as I could, I placed my head to her heart, even (*gasped as I felt a touch as a type, a touch kinda like that pup lick sensation reported last night*) hugging her...tenderly and tearfully as I listened (*gulps vulnerably*).

I gasped (!!!) as I then saw and heard her stirring.....(!!!!)...... . With my arms around her, I sat her up...somewhat.......(!!), and suddenly heard (???) words referencing "family" and possibly love... . Though she was ***CLEARLY*** still confused, her thoughts and brain wiring settings were rearranging. She was remembering......??? Slowly, sure, but remembering all the same.....???

I pray in thanksgiving for the chance that took place today. I give thanks that the event could take place.

As I held the individual, I (*winces*) witnessed a subanime graft slowly but surely 'obscure' at her appearance...and even voice. I noted a subanime anime hybrid voice like that of 'Allison' as time progressed....and as I kept listening to whatever the actual person was disorientedly trying to say.

Before I go, I must ask this. Was that little sentry probe what zapped my back column during those initial awakening events of the past? (*Recalls Oct 31st 2003*). Did back column targeted shock treatments ease *my* amnesia, and help make me who I am today?????? (*Recalls January 2001*).
Tags: anatomy, dawn, dual trial, hyperdimensional neurological systems, hyperdimensional technology, neurology, physiology, starry maiden
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